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Martial Arts Academies for Kids in New South Wales (NSW)

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    First session free

    To receive a free lesson, complete the Membership Application process. See the link at the bottom of our web page to start the process. A signed form is required for the first free lesson.

    We are a premium Martial Arts Club offering classes at Hornsby Aquatic & Leisure Centre. Our classes include Teen & Adults Muay Thai, Kindy Kung Fu and Kids Kickboxing & Self Defence. Our classes are run by Martial Arts Professionals with over 25 years Martial Arts training and teaching experience. SKM Adults & Teens Muay Thai/Kickboxing classes will teach you basic and advanced techniques from Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Western Boxing. You will learn how to kick, punch, elbow, knee, clinch and... Read more

    The Aikido Australia Ku-ring-gai dojo was established in the district nearly 40 years ago and has been providing instruction in the martial art of Aikido, continuously since that time for adults and children. Our training comes straight from the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba's Ibaraki dojo in Iwama, Japan as taught by his long time student of 23 years Saito Sensei 8th dan. This traditional Japanese dojo welcomes all people who want to learn harmonious and powerful techniques of self defence. The... Read more

    Our Kids BJJ Program aims to help your child learn the fundamentals of BJJ in a fun, safe and structured environment. Guided by qualified school Psychologist and BJJ Black Belt, Paul Mystakidis, this program is designed to help your child build strong interpersonal relationships, become confident and self assured, learn a practical skill set, and have a blast whilst doing so! by highly qualified, experienced ,PASSIONATE and insured instructors. Through the development of a new skill students will: -... Read more

    Crow Martial Arts is about personal development through martial arts. All of our programs are designed to teach every student a ‘skill for life’. Our members receive excellent instruction and training opportunities from highly accredited instructors that are fun and interesting to train with. Classes cater for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. With separate classes for adults, school students and children in each category. Crow has always provided a professional program and safe... Read more

    Australia's first designed, built and owned Dojo for Meditation and Shaolin Kungfu. If you’re not afraid to challenge yourself, if you want to learn how to give your best, if you want to train to overcome even the most difficult situations, come to our Dojo. For however long you train here at our Academy, you will be committed to learn to master your body and mind, to learn discipline and respect, and to defend yourself and others: a difficult task, which does not allow indecisions and weakness.... Read more

    Geoff Bennett Martial Arts International Progressive Protection System has its origins in the Hokkien Province of China. This style was taught to Master Ho Soon Cheng as a boy (to manhood) in his family. Master Ho also mastered six other traditional martial arts systems in Penang Malaysia. The most renowned was Shaolin Kung Fu. In the early seventies Master Ho taught martial arts In Sydney while he attended the University of New South Wales. Here, he further modified his martial arts to be... Read more

    Introductory Offer - 3 Weeks unlimited classes & uniform - $39.95

    Validity: from 01 Jan 2021 to 30 Apr 2021

    Our Martial Arts classes will help your child improve their Focus, Discipline, Confidence & Respect for others while teaching them Self-Defence skills in a fun, safe environment. We are a Service NSW approved ACTIVE KIDS PROVIDER and we have a current NSW working with children check. Classes are available at our training facility in Raymond Terrace or in Clarence Town. A variety of training days and times is available, please contact us for weekly timetable or check our web site for details. CONTACT US today to take advantage of our Introductory offer of 3 weeks UNLIMITED classes including a FREE training uniform for $39.95 providing you a saving of more than 50% on our normal prices.

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