How to decide which martial arts school to join?

How to decide which martial arts school to join?

Martial arts schools are everywhere these days and choosing the right one can be daunting and confusing.

A few things to look for when choosing a good school- in no particular order

- Is it a legitimate business that has history and a good reputation? This will help you feel confidant ifit is a school that has been around for a long time

- Are instructors certified in the Art, coaching qualifications etc –some schools have no certification process- training , professional development for their instructors- beware of these. Note – belonging to a National Association does not guarantee this either!

- Do Instructors have Working With children Check accreditation? This is required by Law and is an offence if this is not produced upon request.

- Does the school have full insurance and include this in the registration fees? Some schools have no Professional indemnity, Public Liability or member accident cover.

- Does the school have a structured Curriculum that demonstrates professionalism, planning and progression in the ranks or belts?

Without this how do you know the school cares or has a vison of the person and martial artist you can become.

  • Are the instructors good role models? Would you want your child to be lead and influenced by the coaches ? Do they set a good example?
  • Do the instructors look fit and appear to be in good health and physical condition themselves? If not then, good chance they no longer train and “walk the talk” beware as they have probably lost the passion and are just in it for the money.
  • Is their opportunity to train on multiple days 2-6 days a week and at various locations? Says something about the organization if it offers more choice.
  • Good luck in choosing the right school- also rememberthat price is not a good indicator of value-you must visit and try the service before you join.
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