Premium Leads

How does it work?


Businesses list on ActiveActivities

Businesses add their business details and contact information to on our site.


Visitors send their requests

Website visitors answer a series of questions specific to a service or booking they require, in their preferred location.


Businesses get notified

We match the visitors requests to businesses on our website and send the lead details (excluding the visitors contact information) to the businesses.


Businesses access the contact information

Featured Listings can access the visitors contact information with a simple click. Featured Listings receive a number of Premium Leads per month as part of their Featured Listing Package.


Businesses contact visitors

Businesses get in touch with the visitors to quote for the service or finalise the booking.


Visitors make their choice

Visitors decide which business to select for the service they require.

What are the benefits?

More qualified leads

More qualified leads

Get more leads straight to your inbox with minimal effort.

You decide which leads to contact

You decide which leads to contact

Review the details of the lead before making contact.

Minimal effort required

Minimal effort required

Access hot leads with a few clicks

High Return on Investment

High Return on Investment

Low spend for high returns

Example of leads you would receive

Contact Request

  • Contact name: James B.
  • Email: t*****@****
  • Phone: 06*********

Details of the request:

Category: Surfing School Holiday Activities
Location: Melbourne + all suburbs within 10km

Is this for a boy or a girl?

How old is your kid?
13-14 years old

What level is your kid up to?
Never done this before

What are your kid's goals?
Have fun; Get fit; Learn the basics; Make new friends

What class size would best suit your kid?
Medium class

Does your kid own a surfboard?


Quote Request

  • Contact name: Ben T.
  • Email: a*****@****
  • Phone: 02*********

Details of the request:

Category: Party Venues
Location: Sydney + all suburbs within 10km

What type of event is this for?

How old are your kid's guests?
7 - 10 years old

How many guests are you expecting?
11 - 30 guests

What's the theme of the party?
Disney Party

What cuisine would you like at the party?
Kids Food/Menu

What is your preferred budget?

Does your kid have any special considerations?


Booking Request

  • Contact name: Sarah W.
  • Email: s*****@****
  • Phone: 04*********

Details of the request:

Category: Piano Classes & Lessons
Location: Perth

When would you like to start?
30 March 2045

What time?

How long?
45 minutes

Is this for a boy or a girl?

How old is your kid?
7 - 8 years old

What experience has your kid had?

What class size would best suit your kid?


Note: The above are examples only. Generally, responses are between 8 to 12 questions long, however some users might choose to skip some of the questions. You will be able to see all the questions and responses before deciding to access the lead contact information.

What else do you need to know?

Unlimited leads

You can contact as many leads as you wish.

Turn on and off as required

You can unsubscribe anytime.

Reporting and spending status

Detailed reporting of all the leads received and opened.

Premium Leads included as part of Featured Listings Package

Upgrade to Featured to access the contact information of Premium Leads.


How do I get started?

Not yet listed on ActiveActivities?

List your business to start receiving leads.

Already listed on ActiveActivities?

Wait to receive leads, check out the lead details and then upgrade to a Featured Listing if you wish to access the lead contact information


More questions?

Read our FAQ’s to get more details about how to request a service on ActiveActivities.