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    This is Qld's largest, self funded Astro Tourism business which attracts visitors from all over the world, to view the Southern night skies so close to the rural town of Kingaroy. To find us, just head out the local airport and follow there signs. When you book into the Kingaroy Observatory, we show you the Universe up close in large telescopes and explain what you are look at. We also point out various Constellations and Stars, using a registered Green Laser pointer and answer your questions. During ... Read more there day, we can show you the Sun in colour like you have never seen before. You see detail,like no other. It is truly amazing. Kingaroy has an abundant supply of 4 star motels, B & B's and farmstays, many of which offer Package Deals to include, bed, meal and Observatory visit. Phone us for this information and check out our website. Discounts apply to groups and our set-up is ideal for Schools and Community groups. So go to our website, and have good around. When you decide what date ...

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