Astronomy clubs for kids

Kids having a closer view of the moon. Kids having a closer view of the moon.

Astronomy is the science of heavenly bodies. Astronomers study about the universe, galaxies, and all the celestial elements in them. Studies show that astronomy is one of the most popular careers that children in Australia want to pursue when they grow up. Well who can blame them? The universe is such a vast expanse of wondrous forms. Do your kids like stargazing? Do you often notice them watching the sky? Perhaps they can join astronomy clubs for kids! They are great places where kids can get together and discuss about the planets and stars!

  • Category: Education
  • Approximate age to start astronomy clubs: 8 years old
  • Approximate price: $35 - one-year membership
  • Gear/equipment needed and approximate price range: telescope, around $200 to $400
  • This activity comprises of: stargazing, educational trips to astronomical stations and observatories
  • Best period of the year: year-round
  • School holiday programs available: YES

A video of Astronomy clubs for kids

A kids astronomy clubs' visit to NASA. In the video, the kids ask questions about a space suit and anything about astronomy.

Information on Astronomy clubs for kids

Are astronomy clubs great for your kids?

Science education is one of the main subjects included in an academic syllabus and pre school activities. Teaching kids science becomes more fun and interesting by incorporating some engaging activities for kids such as simple yet fascinating experiments and games. One particular branch of science that gets the attention of children is astronomy because of the amazing planets, stars, and constellations. Some parents like bonding with their toddlers by waiting for a shooting star and making a wish; or by identifying the constellations. That is a good way to encourage your kids to gain interest in astronomy. Another thing is to get them to join astronomy clubs. They provide a unique opportunity for kids to experience the mysteries of astronomy even outside regular school hours.

Astronomy clubs for kids provide more comprehensive and focused programs beyond the scope of the school curriculum for groups of children. Astronomy clubs bring together kids of the same interest and provide astronomy classes and lessons covering broad astronomy scopes including learning how to use the telescope, studying about shooting stars, identifying the constellations and the planets of the solar system, and understanding the different seasons. Fun kids activities are also conducted such as doing science experiments for kids, going on an educational trip to science centres and observatories, and of course, going stargazing.

Most astronomy clubs for kids in Australia are for children 8 years old and above. You can find these astronomy clubs in most science centres and science museums. Astronomy societies are composed of amateur astronomers and astronomy enthusiasts within a community; and they also have created astronomy clubs for their kids. For a full list of all the registered astronomy clubs in Australia, visit our ActiveActivities Directory. There are also other clubs and groups that deal with other aspects of science for kids if your children have other interests other than astronomy.

With all the things your kids have learned in from astronomy clubs, they now have more ideas how to celebrate Astronomy Day every 28th of July! They can create mini space craft out of unused household materials; or they can transform their room into a mini galaxy by gluing glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling.

Joining astronomy clubs are not only for future astronomers. Studying the stars and the alignment of planets and satellites is also important when navigating the seas and when predicting the weather. Astronomy clubs are therefore also ideal for your little sailors and meteorologists.

Encourage your kids to discover the wonders of the universe!

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