Astronomy clubs for kids in Tasmania

Astronomy club members meet up for a visit to the planetarium and to enjoy the astronomy event. Astronomy club members meet up for a visit to the planetarium and to enjoy the astronomy event.

Astronomy deals with celestial bodies in the universe, including stars, planets and galaxies. Children and toddlers can start a developing and flourishing love for astronomy through various astronomy clubs in Tasmania, Australia that offer astronomy programmes and memberships to budding amateur astronomers!

  • Category: Hobbies
  • Approximate age to join astronomy clubs: 3 years old and older
  • Approximate price: $75 for annual membership
  • Gear/equipment needed and approximate price range: None
  • This activity comprises of: Star gazing, astronomical discoveries, various astronomical society events
  • Best period of the year: Any time of the year
  • Most appropriate region: Hobart, Launceston, Tasmania
  • School holiday programs available: YES

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Kids learn more about the space through astronomy clubs and societies.

Information on astronomy clubs in tasmania

Is astronomy for your kids?

Are you a parent who's looking for kids activities that are suitable for children and toddlers of all ages? Are you perhaps looking for activities for kids that are safe, interesting and educational? A hidden gem that remains somewhat uncharted is astronomical societies. Though little known there are astronomy programmes available that offer effective activities for kids of all ages in Tasmania, Australia. There are premiere clubs and societies thatoffer astronomy classes and lessons for kids in Tasmania that are engaging and educational!

Astronomy is interesting, engaging and educational. Space has always been a mystery to us humans. Especially with children, just one visit to a planetarium in Tasmania, Australia for a brief, first-hand view of our galaxy, and you can see how space brings about boundlessness and the thought of having endless possibilities which sparks curiosity. Astronomy tackles anything and everything there is to know about stars, planets, and other celestial bodies in the universe, in our galaxy and in other galaxies.

Below are some of the astronomical societies available in Tasmania, Australia.

  • Tasmanian Amateur Astronomers
  • TAA or the Tasmanian Amateur Astronomers provides a common ground for amateur astronomers as it teaches the basic of astronomy and where to start. This consists of which steps to take, from how, what and where to buy telescopes in Tasmania to knowing the constellations and their stars.
  • Astronomical Society of Tasmania
  • The Astronomical Society of Tasmania for amateur astronomers interested in every aspect of astronomy. With membership open to anyone, the society has nearly a hundred members of people from all walks of life, of all ages, especially kids.

Get your kids to start joining astronomy clubs!

What can children get from astronomy clubs? What's so good about astronomy clubs? Children get to be one with space through these informative groups that enable young ones to enjoy while learning about stars, about our solar system and also about other galaxies, about planets that consist of these galaxies and how they can somehow affect our everyday living. Even as children grow older, they can still continue to gather more knowledge about astronomy through high school astronomy clubs that offer the same dedication and familiarity to the main interest.

It is best to get children and toddlers into educational kids activities that encourage healthy curiosity and also let kids learn more through hand-on experimentation, viewing and/or observation. As you may or may not know, astronomy is a branch of science that tackles topics about the celestial bodies in the universe, this includes planets, stars, galaxies, etc. This also includes their origin, behaviour, composition and physical effects.

Are there differences between astrology clubs and astronomy clubs in Tasmania? Astronomy clubs and astrology clubs tackle two different topics. Astronomy and astrology are different from one another and should not be interchanged. An astronomy club is different from astrology club, though the two can be correlated and there is a possibility that both can use Tasmanian sky charts, astronomy deals with more facts than astrology. Even though both look at the same sky, astronomy and astrology clubs can give very different interpretations that come from a scientific background and a different belief system. Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs.

For more information on kids activities and other types of hobbies, browse through ActiveActivities directory for more information on how to get into astronomy societies in Tasmania for kids and learn more about the wonders of the universe through astronomy and what it has to offer.

Let your kids take a gander at the majesty of stars, planets and galaxies in our universe!

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