It's just creative writing – right?

It's just creative writing – right?
Do you have a child who struggles at school? Is not motivated? Simply hates it!

The very last thing you’d consider is more learning – right.

But perhaps if you spin that all around, you could arrive at a different point. A new starting point. Where your child can do something important, like learn how to use their imagination, and they might feel a little differently about things.

Imagine if your child came home and said, ‘I wrote a great story today about pirates and I had to walk to the plank.’

You’d possibly be horrified, but you need not be. 

The child would have thought about this story, chatted about it, and then written it. Maybe five lines. Maybe not even that. But the next week, they might talk about sharks, and they might find a story there. Might even be a famous marine biologist and it could set them on a whole new direction in their life. 

They might even write ten lines. 

Then one day your child might write a whole page. 

Suddenly, they might discover that writing can be fun. 

Easy even. 

Imagine how that would help their school work. 

It takes time, but it does happen.

You see, making stuff up, is important. It gives children a point of reference beyond what is normal. It gives them hope.

One day your child might declare, “Perhaps, I could fly on a magic carpet and go visit grandma.” 

Calm down. Of course, we know they can’t. Grandma lives way too far away! 

But its seeing possibilities. 

It’s writing a future. 

It’s an escape. 

An adventure!


Yes, you’re right, it’s only writing a story, but at the same time thinking for just a little while that absolutely anything is possible. 

And if anything is possible – perhaps there’s a good reason to learn about the world. 

About all sorts of things, because you never know when you might need all those other boring things they teach you at school.

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