The Health and Mental Health Benefits Singing offers that may surprise you

The Health and Mental Health Benefits Singing offers that may surprise you
Most would assume Singing education and development is strictly about becoming a great singer and that is all singing education can offer. You may be interested to learn singing is far more beneficial than that!

After decades of training students to sing,  I was approached by a selection of mental health specialists, general practitioners and sports coaches to assist with a few of their patients or athletes by using singing education to develop other skills or health benefits in these individuals.

Working side by side with the health and sports professionals we achieved amazing results and success with the patients and athletes assigned to me for singing classes & Lessons for the short period of weeks or sometimes months, improving and resolving issues once holding back a career or there life.

Below I have prepared a list of benefits singing education offers for a range of improvements individuals can expect for personal, mental, physical or athletic development.


Physical health Improvement

  1. Lung development and strengthening
  2. Back strengthening and posture correction
  3. Bowel, bladder and stomach strengthening 
  4. Oxygen to the blood system and brain
  5. Retrains breathing in asthma sufferers for better breathing practices and reduced episodes


Personal Development

  1. Confidence
  2. Improved vocabulary and grammar
  3. Improves confidence in public speaking and public appearances
  4. Improves articulation and presence when speaking
  5. Assists in learning other languages


Mental health benefits

  1. Neurological improvement
  2. Increased concentration
  3. Energetic and euphoric uplift
  4. Helps reduce the feelings of depression or anxiety through the release of endorphins during singing and in some cases reduce panic attacks
  5. Overcome shyness and nervous reactions to attention and crowds


Sports ability Improvement

  1. Discipline 
  2. Speed on the field when running by reducing breathlesssness and early fatigue
  3. Concentration
  4. Reduced anger bursts
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