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    Free introductory lesson

    Book in for our free introductory lesson and see our fantastic staff and fully equipped dojo. We have a variety of programs to help you reach your goals.

    Free Trial Lesson

    All students get to experience what Krav Maga is all about first-hand by participating in a full lesson for free. Head over to our website to check out our class timetable and book your child's free lesson while you're there!

    The International Martial Arts Centre (IMC) is a full time Martial Arts Centre. Operating 6 days a week, With more than 40 years of experience teaching Kempo Karate, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Gymnastics to children (3 years+), teens and adults. IMC Wetherill Park is the newest Martial Arts Centre in Wetherill Park and with that comes the newest and best equipment, drills and skills to teach kids, teens and adults in all our programs. Programs at IMC Wetherill Park... Little... Read more

    Experienced black belt instructors bring a wealth of knowledge to karateka from age 5 to 50+. We are the ONLY club in the Sutherland Shire affiliated with NSW Karate and Karate Australia. Established in the Sutherland Shire in 1984, we are located in the Menai Indoor Sports Centre. Our Chief Instructor Sensei Alison Peachey 6th Dan is an internationally experienced competitor and current World Karate Federation referee. She holds silver coaching accreditation via SportAus/AIS and is a school... Read more

    Global Martial Arts is one of the strongest martial arts centres in Australia, with an outstanding reputation, and a team of highly experienced and qualified instructors. Global Martial Arts is owned and operated by AUS Taekwondo Olympic Coach and is the official home of the 2012 & 2016 Taekwondo Olympic Team! We have programs for all ages (3yr+), abilities and interests. Our goal is to provide enjoyable, motivating and energetic training in a supportive environment. Our experienced instructors... Read more

    Hi! Thanks for checking out our listing :) My name is Tim Barnes, I am the owner and head instructor of Empty Hands Martial Arts (EHMA). We have been teaching martial arts to kids and adults in the North Eastern suburbs of Adelaide since March 2008. I have been training since 2000, and have black belts in Chinese Kenpo, American Kenpo, Koshindo Ju Jitsu and Kyusho Ju Jitsu. I have also trained in kali, and I have a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Currently, I am a 3rd Degree Black Belt in American... Read more

    Kids & Adults Intro Sessions = Two Weeks Unlimited Training for $39.00

    Our Intro sessions are designed for NEW members to Spektrum Martial Arts, to trial all styles available for the member's age group. Cost is $39.00/member, and is valid to use over a period of two weeks only. Beginning Martial Arts/Self Defence training, can seem rather daunting for both kids, and adults, which is why we offer this extended trial period. It helps to give our new members and their families a chance to get to know us, and become comfortable at our school. Our Intro sessions also give us time, to get to know our new members and families too, and how best to assist them towards achieving the goals, in which brought them to Spektrum Martial Arts.

    At Champions Krav Maga Academy, we offer modern and realistic self-defence and martial arts training that is specifically designed for adults. Our mission is to help the everyday people of Brisbane unleash the champion within by becoming the best version of themselves on the mats and in life. Our vision is to: Build a safe community for veterans, law enforcement, first responders and civilians. Build a community that is friendly, supportive and welcoming to all new members. Provide... Read more

    White Wolf Dojo offers dynamic open martial arts classes for ALL ages. We have classes for both children & adults. We have many parents also training in our adult classes. Bujutsu is a modern and eclectic martial art. Bujutsu incorporates elements of taekwondo, boxing, grappling, jujutsu and aikido. You will learn effective self-defence, strengthen your mind, body and spirit while having lots of fun! Children's classes are for ages 5-10 (WOLF CUBS) and 10-14 (JUNIORS). WOLF CUBS learn... Read more

    First Taekwondo is a traditional non-competitve martial art and therefore reaches much further than mere Self Defence effectiveness. The discipline, mental training and varied techniques of First Tae kwon-do also provide the grounds for engendering in the practitioner a strong sense of confidence, fortitude, compassion, humility and resolve. It is this vital conditioning that separates the true practitioner from the one who has mastered only the physical aspects of the martial art. Read more

    Kiara First Martial Arts is not only self-defence training, but it will also enhance every aspect of your mental and physical well-being. Other SKILLS that can be expected to be developed through dedicated practice under the supervision of a qualified First Martial Arts Instructor are: Increased Fitness & Good Health, Flexibility, Strength, Co-ordination, Balance, Concentration and Mental Focus, Self Discipline / Self Control, Self Confidence, Manners / Social Etiquette. FITNESS & WELL BEING The... Read more

    沖縄剛柔流空手古武道 Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate and Kobudo (OGRK); located in Sydney, Australia; practices a traditional Okinawan-style of karate (Goju Ryu) - developed by Chojun Miyagi Sensei. The dojo also integrates the art of Okinawan Kobudo, in reference to the traditional ancient teaching of the styles in a combined manner. The mission of OGRK is to preserve the art of Karate and Kobudo in its original form, while exploring the philosophy of the two martial arts. Chojun Miyagi Sensei believed that “the... Read more

    Martial Arts Research Academy offers one of the best kidz curriculums available in Sydney today!! We currently offer 4 different kidz programs: Future Kidz Prep (3-4 year olds) Future Kidz (5-7 year olds) JKD Kidz Zone Prep (8-10 year olds) JKD Kidz Zone (11-15 year olds) Imagine for a moment your son or daughter at the top of their class intellectually, a child who is smart enough to make the right decisions; a child who knows how to set and achieve goals; a child who understands the importance... Read more

    Sports Other Martial Arts Classes & Lessons

    Applied Self Defence was developed by taking techniques from a range of the worlds best martial arts and combining them into a curriculum that focuses on their use in real-world self-defence situations. We draw upon techniques from Wing Chun Kung Fu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jujitsu, Kali (Philipino stick-fighting), and more; taking a holistic approach to the art of self-defence in a safe and friendly community environment. The key to developing this unique combination of skills in our... Read more

    With over 20 years of martial art training, competitions and teaching behind us, you will see why we are a great fit for you and your child. Your child's listening, co-ordination and motor skills will all improve quickly. We focus as much on the building of their character and social skills as we do teaching them great martial arts. Children's classes are available to for ages 3 and up and are held at 4 different locations. We currently have classes at Helensvale, Labrador, Musgrave and Southport... Read more

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