Choirs for kids

Girls and boys singing in harmony. Girls and boys singing in harmony.

Kids have an innate talent for singing. Do you still remember those days when you used to teach your kids their first nursery rhyme, ABC and other songs for children? Can you still recall how proud you were those moments? Re-ignite your kids’ passion for singing by enrolling them in various choirs for kids. Unlike other activities for kids, singing does not require too much physical exertion and movements. This makes singing a good pastime or hobby for toddlers and children who would rather have fun singing, instead of getting soiled and dirty doing other outdoor sports and hobbies.

  • Category: Performing Arts
  • Approximate age to start choirs for kids: 6
  • Approximate price: FREE
  • This activity comprises of: Vocal exercises, singing activities and music lessons
  • Best period of the year: All year round
  • School holiday programs available: YES

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Young kids harmoniously singing in a choir

Information on choirs for kids

How can your little one benefit from choirs?

Singing has always been a favorite pastime by both kids and adults in Australia. Why not turn your kids’ pastime to a more productive, fun and life-enriching kids activity? By letting your little ones join choirs for kids, you are giving them the opportunity to explore their talents not only by themselves, but also with other children. Singing in a choral musique has a lot of advantages and perks. Listed below are some of the many ways that participating in a youth chorus can help them.

  • Choirs for kids as a summer activity
    Singing is a great extra-curricular activity to give your toddlers and children a break from the usual stuff they do in school. Moreover, being involved in choirs for kids can also be an exciting highlight of their summer vacation. By being involved in summer kids’ activities such as singing in a musical chorale or going out on a summer singing camp, your kids will have loads of fun singing with other children.
  • Character building
    Singing in groups or in a youth chorus also helps in building your kids’ characters. Aside from working as a team with other young singers, they will also have to work with a musical conductor or a leader, promoting the value and respect of authority and working one’s way from the very bottom to the top.
  • For self-discovery
    Your child usually will not be able to figure out their gifts and passion at an early age. There are times that you have to help them out by introducing them to different kinds of activities for kids like singing. By doing so, they will be able to explore their individual musical talent and discern if it is something they would love to take seriously and master.
  • Travel opportunities
    Many local choirs are making waves in the local music and scene and abroad. Your little ones can have the chance to go on exciting musical tours by joining some of the renowned Sydney children’s choirs and performers of choral musique. These kinds of tours will help expand their view of the world beyond the four corners of the class room as they perform in places they have never been to before.

Now that you are already familiar with some of the good things that your child can get from singing, you can now start planning on how and where to start your kids’ musical journey in Australia. One of the best places to engage them in singing is the church where youth choruses are common. Your kids will learn their musical notes, read music sheets, and sing different kinds of choral musique or choir songs that include Baroque and Classical music. This will build your kids’ fundamental knowledge of music, singing, and possibly provide them the ability of writing their own songs and musical pieces.

Visit our ActiveActivities directory for available choirs for kids and other musical opportunities and programs in Australia. We are your partner in nurturing your kids’ gifts. Let’s start by introducing them to the wonderful world of music, a safe and creative form of entertainment, learning, character-building, and self-expression!

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