Exhibitions and expositions for kids

Develop your kids curiosity at an exhibition! Develop your kids curiosity at an exhibition!

Your kids can be awed, amazed and entertained at exhibitions and expositions!

An exhibition is a display about a particular subject such as dinosaurs, often in a museum. An exposition is usually a show, often held in a convention centre or showground, on a particular theme, such as the latest toys!

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A lawyer has pioneered the use of a popular kids' toy to create the only large scale three-dimensional Lego sculpture collection in the world.

Information on Exhibitions And Expositions for Kids

Are exhibitions and expositions for your kid(s)?

Do your kids love exploring? If they love finding things out they are sure to be entertained by exhibitions as they are a great way to find out how things work. There is almost always an exhibition venue open at any given time in most Australian cities and they can involve anything from ancient Egyptian history to crafts or outdoor activities. 

Exhibitions and expositions are great places to visit for many reasons:

  • They help bring history and culture to life for kids, with interactive exhibits and play. Sometimes kids activities at an exhibition can help them find a whole new way of looking at the world such as trying to see it through the eyes of an Indigenous artist
  • They give kids a chance to bring their imaginations to life through photography, painting and drawing
  • There are a huge variety of exhibitions to choose from, whether natural history, how Europeans arrived in Australia, or a look at modern and classical cars
  • Often there are specific educational trails within a larger exhibit, designed specifically for kids.

With so much to do and see at an exhibition or exposition, your kids are sure to find something amazing, no matter their age.

Kids Exhibitions are a great way to entertain your children but exhibitions in general can be extremely busy at times, so you may need to make sure you keep your kids close by so they don’t get lost.

Get your kids to go to an exhibition or exposition next weekend!

Looking for kids activities you can take the whole family to. Exhibitions, large or small can be the answer! Museums, science centres, country fairs and show-grounds all offer possibilities for keeping your kids happy!

Not sure where to find an exhibition or exposition in your area? Not to worry, check out our ActiveActivities Directory for a local science or exhibition centre or museum will throw up all sorts of opportunities. Our Kids Activities Events area also provides great information on kids events and kids activities. These sources will also tell you whether entry is free or how much it will cost. Help your kids learn this weekend!

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