Surfing For Kids In The Gold Coast Region

Surfers Paradise is the most popular surfing destination in Gold Coast. Surfers Paradise is the most popular surfing destination in Gold Coast.

Gold Coast, Queensland is known as a major tourist destination in Australia. It has a sunny subtropical climate that is perfect for surfing in the Gold Coast region amongst other places in the country. The Gold Coast region has superb surfing beaches, as well as canal and waterway systems, rainforests, and theme parks. Want your kids to have real fun under the sun? Then The Gold Coast is the place to be!

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Gold Coast has surfing beaches that suit every type of surfer: kids, adults, beginners, and experts.

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Why surfing in The Gold Coast Region is a great activity for your kids?

The Gold Coast consists of 70km of coastline with some of the most popular point breaks and beach breaks in Australia and the world. Gold Coast beaches have the best and most consistent waves in Australia, perfect for beginners and experts alike. If you live in Queensland or spending the holidays in the area, one of the most exciting activities for kids is to go surfing in The Gold Coast region. Wondering where to surf on the Gold Coast? Below are some of the most famous Gold Coast surf spots:

  • The Spit
    The Spit is one of the best surfing beaches on the north end of the Gold Coast. It has plenty of access points and beach breaks, allowing surfers to find their own space. The Spit is a popular surf spot because of its regular and clean breaks. Aside from surfing, you can take a walk along the sand walking trails or admire the remarkable views by the breakwater. Sheltered barbecue areas and playgrounds can also be found in this area.

  • Narrowneck
    Narrowneck has some good beach breaks with right size swells. The beach has an artificial reef to curb beach erosion and to give more consistent surfing conditions. Kite surfing is also a popular activity in this area.

  • Palm Beach
    Palm Beach has consistent beach breaks that improve as the swells grow created by good sand banks and several groin rocks. This white sand beach is usually quieter than other beaches located at the north. It is also an ideal spot to paddle out and body surf.

  • Snapper Rocks
    Snapper Rocks is the most popular surf beach in Gold Coast region. The Quiksilver pro surfing event is held here every year because of its favourable consistent surfing conditions and good clean waves. It has massive swells and the longest rideable waves in the world.

  • Burleigh Heads
    Experience the famous Burleigh barrels, world famous point breaks, and excellent surfing conditions at the Burleigh Heads. It hosts many professional surfing championships and has a wonderful national park backdrop.

  • Surfers Paradise
    Surfers' Paradise beach is probably the busiest and the most popular holiday destination in Gold Coast. The waves are small, making it an ideal surfing spot for kids and beginners. It combines the city and beach lifestyles, with an abundance of theme parks and family attractions.

  • Kirra Beach
    Kirra Beach is most popular during the cyclone season, where the winds increase the swell. The strong currents are challenging for the skilled surfers, while the beginners can practise with the smaller swells near the shore.

  • Currumbin Alley
    Currumbin's small waves are perfect for novice and kid surfers, while the strong right-hand breaks are for the more experienced surfers. The calm creek and the rock pools are also great places to bring your kids.

Brisbane also has some good surf spots like the Main Beach, Pinkenba, and the Yellow Patch. Surfing in Byron Bay, NSW is another option when surfing outside Queensland. It also has surf beaches that are popular with domestic and international tourists.

The best season for surfing in Gold Coast region is during the end of summer, the start of cyclone season. Your kids' summer in The Gold Coast won't be complete without surfing its waves. Surfboard hires are available at most beaches. For those who want to learn to surf, surfing lessons are provided by surf schools and beaches. Choose surfing lessons for kids that have Gold Coast Council approved surf coaches who are also qualified lifesavers. Surfing lessons can cost from $45 to $190, depending on the package. Our ActiveActivities Directory provides a list of surf schools and companies that provide surfing lessons in Gold Coast, also some suggestions on where to surf on the Gold Coast.

Observe proper safety measures such as having the right surfing equipment Ð surfboards with rubber fins, highest protection sunscreen, and wetsuits. The Gold Coast has the largest surf lifesaving service in Australia. They protect people on the beaches and promote surf safety. They use flag systems that serve as safety signs for beach goers. Red and yellow flags represent safe swimming spots; red flags mean the area is closed due to dangerous conditions; red and white chequered flags mean that sharks have been sighted in the area; and blue flags represent the surfers' riding area.

Aside from surfing, Gold Coast has plenty of family attractions and kids activities to choose from. There is the Hinterland, the Outback Spectacular Dinner and Show, Putt Putt Mini Golf, Sea World, and the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Make the most out of your stay in QLD! Take your family surfing in The Gold Coast region!

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