The benefits of Taekwondo for children

The benefits of Taekwondo for children
These days so many children are on electronic equipment and not out doing what children should be doing. Yes some children do team sports but when you think about it sometimes in life you have to be able to jump in and have the ability to do things yourself.

Taekwondo Classes & Lessons will help children develop self-confidence, Discipline, Respect, Concentration, Strength, Balance and Flexibility.

Self-confidence comes from having to learn techniques required to perform particular moves. Such as stances, Strikes, kicks, Punches, Blocks. All these techniques come together when a student learns their patterns.

Discipline and Respect comes from students learning to follow instructions given to them by their Taekwondo Coaches &  instructors. Respect comes through the student needing to show respect to their fellow student, their instructors while training. Respect starts at the doors of the dojang as all students and instructors no matter their rank are expected to Bow as they enter and leave the Dojang as a sign of respect for having somewhere to train.

Concentration comes also from learning and growing in self-confidence as concentration is needed in everything we as martial artists do.

Strength, Balance and Flexibility comes from our training. As we train we not only train our mind we also train our body to be strong, balanced and Flexible.

A body that is Strong, Balanced, and Flexible combined with a mind that has the Self-confidence, Discipline, Respect and Concentration CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING THEY SET OUT TO DO.

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