Aikido classes and lessons

Children starting on aikido classes and lessons. Children starting on aikido classes and lessons.

Are you a parent looking for activities for kids that provide a way to develop self defence skills without being harmful to themselves and to others? Perhaps self defence lessons and martial arts lessons that lets kids be kids, where they can have fun while learning how to protect themselves? Aikido is a martial arts that is easier to grasp than most martial arts. It is a non-violent martial arts brought to Australia in 1965. Aikido is the martial art for your kids!

  • Category: Sports
  • Approximate age to start: 4 years old and older
  • Approximate price: $75
  • Gear/equipment needed and approximate price range: Aikido Uniform and weapon kit
  • This activity comprises of: Aikido training and practice
  • Best period of the year:Any time of the year
  • Most appropriate region: Anywhere in Australia
  • School holiday programs available: YES

A video of Aikido classes and lessons

Kids showcasing basic Aikido moves for examinations.

Information on aikido classes and lessons

Are Aikido classes and lessons for your kids?

Although there are a lot of martial arts lessons available, such as karate lessons, jujitsu lessons and taekwondo lessons, aikido is ideal for kids because unlike other martial arts, even toddlers and younger children can do aikido. Why is this? It is because Aikido uses an opponent's strength against them, in turn letting smaller kids stand a chance against bigger and stronger attackers.

There are a couple of routes you can take with your kids who want to start to learn aikido.

  • Look for an aikido school Aikido schools offer aikido classes and lessons for bigger groups of students.
  • Look for an aikido dojo. Unlike an aikido school, aikido dojo handles fewer students and has a more intimate, lower teacher to student ratio.
  • Look for an aikido teacher Your children's aikido coach or instructor should be trustworthy and knowledgeable. Teacher can also provide private aikido lessons which are offered either at home or within the teacher's practice area that has mats.

Get your kids to start Aikido classes and lessons!

Aikido is a non-aggressive martial art developed by Professor Morihei Ueshiba earlier this century. Sensei Seiichi Sugano then brought the sport to Australia in 1965 through Aiki Kai Australia and the National Aikido Association of Australia. Through aikido schools, aikido dojos and private aikido lessons, that offer aikido classes and lessons, children and toddlers get to learn aikido techniques, and its principles.

What are the known benefits of aikido as your kids activities? Aikido classes and lessons teaches a great way to be aware of one's own body. Through training, kids get to develop physically, psychologically and spiritually. Some noticeable changes include an increase in balance, coordination and reaction along with timing. Additional psychological benefits include increase in self-awareness, relaxation and problem solving skills, better self-confidence and self-discipline. Spiritual benefits include an improved way of life, clarity and perception, along with a better understanding of oneself and everything around us. For more tips and information on aikido classes and lessons in Australia, you can also visit our ActiveActivities directory.

To get your kids started on aikido, here is an equipment list needed prior to training.

  • Aikido Uniform - also called as Aikidogi is the uniform used by "aikidoka" or aikido practitioners. Also called a gi or dogi.
  • Hakama - typical japanese clothing, used to be exclusively for men but are now worn by both genders.
  • Weapon Kit - consists of the bokuto, jo, and shinai.
  • Bokuto - a Japanese wooden sword used for training, usually the size and shape of a katana, some shaped like other swords, wakizashi and tanto.
  • Jo - wooden staff, an effective stick weapon used for training.
  • Shinai - a bamboo weapon/sword used for practice and training.

Give your children the strength they need to defend themselves through aikido classes and lessons!

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