Volleyball school holiday activities

Boys playing volleyball on their school holiday Boys playing volleyball on their school holiday

Volleyball was invented by William Morgan because he saw the need for a less exhausting team sport for YMCA children. After its invention, volleyball was then brought to Australia by migrants from the European nations. By the 1950s, the sport became an established sport in Australia, letting school holiday volleyball clubs sprout from all over the country. Find a club near you and let’s play on your kids’ next school holiday!

  • Category: Sports
  • Approximate age to start volleyball school holiday activities: 6
  • Approximate price: $200 for 18 hours
  • Gear/equipment needed and approximate price range: volleyball net, volleyball, knee pads, shirt, shorts, rubber shoes
  • This activity comprises of: joining volleyball clubs, doing volleyball drills, joining volleyball competitions
  • Best period of the year: Summer
  • School holiday programs available: YES

A video of Volleyball school holiday activities

Kids enjoying their school holiday at a local volleyball camp for children.

Information on Volleyball School Holiday Activities for Kids

Are Volleyball School Holiday Activities For Your Kid(s)?

School holidays in Australia give your kids plenty of time to join team sports camps for kids and engage in other health and fitness activities for kids.

Benefits of joining school holiday volleyball camps include:

  • More intensive training
    Volleyball school holiday activities for kids offer more intensive training rather than the training your kids can get at home. Students are normally required to perform more drills that sharpen their fundamental skills, helping them be more competitive in the sport.
  • Get kids to train under coaches with high credentials
    Having a skilled coach to teach your children will greatly sharpen your kids’ skills and also cultivate their passion for the sport. Some established coaches also use sports camps for kids as a place where they can find new talent to join professional teams.
  • Join official volleyball tournaments
    Volleyball school holiday activities usually involve joining friendly competitions that give your kids more experience playing seriously. Playing in a backyard with friends is fine, but if your children truly want to improve their skills and their mentality for the game, it’s better to join volleyball sports camps for kids.

Get Your Kids to Start Joining Volleyball School Holiday Activities!

Kids from ages 6-13 can start joining school holiday volleyball camps for kids. Toddlers are not encouraged to join until they are older. If you’re looking for sports for kids that will not exhaust your kids’ energies too much, volleyball is the way to go. It is also a non-contact sport, so it’s one of the safer kids activities.

Volleyball camps usually cost at around $200 for 18 hours of coaching over 3 days. See which holiday camps offer a good student-coach ratio and also look for volleyball clubs that have coaches who have a proof of their coaching skills.

There are many volleyball clubs in Australia. Check the ActiveActivities directory for more details on the different sports clubs in the country. Some volleyball camps offer beach volleyball during the summer, but indoor volleyball is good all year round.

Remember that it’s important to buy knee pads for your kids whenever they’re playing volleyball. Having knee pads will let them dig difficult balls without getting their knees scraped or hurt.

Put on your jerseys and let’s play!

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