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A young boy prepares to bat the ball in his local cricket ground A young boy prepares to bat the ball in his local cricket ground

Cricket is played on grassy pitch that’s 22m long and 3m wide. The first confirmed record of a cricket match in Australia was in 1830, when Thomas Harvey Lewis painted an image of New South Wales competing against Victoria and England in Hyde Park. Since then, many cricket grounds have been established in Australia, including world-class cricket stadiums.

  • Category: Sports
  • Approximate age to start cricket: 6
  • Approximate price: $120
  • Gear/equipment needed and approximate price range: Cricket bat ($30-$50), cricket gloves ($30), leg pads ($20), thigh pads ($10-$20), elbow pads ($10-$20), helmet ($25) cricket stumps ($15-$20)
  • This activity comprises of: batting, fielding, running, throwing
  • Best period of the year: Summer
  • Most appropriate region: Melbourne
  • School holiday programs available: YES

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Kids practising cricket in their local cricket ground

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Which cricket ground should you hire for your kids?

Cricket is one of the most popular team sports in the country, with over 90 professional cricket grounds all over Australia. The Melbourne Cricket Ground is the country’s premier cricket stadium, with a seating capacity of around 20,000. It’s located in Yarra Park, Melbourne and is home to the Melbourne Cricket Club. The cricket events for the 1956 Summer Olympics and the 2006 Commonwealth Games were held in the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

If you have children who are interested in playing cricket, it’s great to find an appropriate cricket venue where they can practise regularly. Cricket skills for children like batting, bowling, and fielding can be sharpened better in a pitch that your kids are comfortable playing in and a pitch that’s easily accessible to them.

Good cricket grounds for kids include:

  • Appropriate pitch size
    You should look for cricket grounds for kids that have the right dimensions. The length should be around 22m long and 3m wide. You can set up your own cricket grounds in your own backyard and make cricket one of the regular kids activities in your home.
  • Well-managed grass
    A green surface will allow the ball to pace and bounce well on the pitch. Some fields use synthetic Astroturf grass, while others use Bermuda grass. Either way, the grass on your pitch should be of appropriate length. Cricket games can last as long as five days, so make sure that the grass on your pitch can handle the action. If you choose Astroturf grass, look for the most durable kinds.

Get your children to start playing in cricket grounds for kids!

Cricket can be enjoyed in your local cricket grounds. Check the ActiveActivities directory to find one near you.

Cricket grounds for kids are usually open from morning until late in the afternoon. Remember to wear appropriate clothes as well as sunscreen for your kids. Cricket grounds are usually open on most public holidays, but always remember to check first before going to avoid being disappointed. It’s most appropriate to play cricket during the summer, though indoor cricket for kids can be played year-round.

Kids who are as young as 6 years old can start playing cricket activities for kids. Toddlers are normally advised to wait until they’re older before they start playing the sport.

Most cricket grounds are home to cricket clubs, so if you see that your kids are truly dedicated to the sport, you can purchase memberships for them. Cricket clubs give your kids better training and can also help them join a team. Some clubs only allow members to reserve cricket grounds.

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