School Holiday Programs for Kids

Keep your kids active during holidays! Keep your kids active during holidays!

Secondary school holiday programs are a great way to combat boredom during the Australian school holidays!

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<p> Get your kids to a surfing school holiday program!</p><p> They'll have fun, meet friends, and do a lot of physical activities.</p>

Information on School Holiday Programs for Kids in Australia

Are Secondary School Holiday Programs Suitable for Your Kids?

Do the holidays drag on endlessly? Are your kids whining on how bored they are? Why not enrol them in a secondary school holiday program?

With so many options to choose from including sports, arts and crafts, community activities and even cooking classes for kids, there is bound to be summer kids' activities to suit and entertain your child. Benefits include:

  • Chance for children to learn and develop extracurricular activities;
  • Good way for your child to make new friends;
  • Great for parents who need to work or just want a break for a while;
  • Allows your kids to stay active during the school holidays;
  • Gives kids a chance to experience something different, whether it is nature and wildlife, creative classes or being involved in community activities.

Does your child have a special hobby or interest they want to develop further? If so they would probably love the opportunity to spend time pursuing it. Social kids will enjoy the interaction of large structured secondary school holiday programs while quieter or shy kids might be better off involving themselves in small camps or even just indulging their interests through fun family activities.

Is your child aged 12-18 and eager to start their holiday camp? Make sure you check with the organisers of the program if there is anything they need to take with them. For outdoor activities don't forget appropriate footwear, sunscreen and a hat. Any messy activities for kids might require a change of clothes.

How Do I Arrange Secondary School Holiday Program Activities for My Kids?

Not sure how to get started? Check out our ActiveActivities directory or online. Many sports centres and art schools offer secondary school holiday programs so it is worth asking around. During the holidays there are often museums with kids' activities on offer, or afternoon sessions at your local library. Costs can vary from $20 - $150 per session, depending on location and whether or not the centre is government subsidised.

To give your kids a holiday they will remember, find out what secondary school holiday programs are available near you now!

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