Pre School Music For Kids

Music is an important part of pre-school time. Music is an important part of pre-school time.

Music is the most effective learning tool for kids. They learn and have fun at the same time by singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments. It has also been proven that a kid who is musically intelligent does better in different school subjects like reading, math, and science.

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A fun preschool music class that teaches the basics of music through imagination and play. Kids are taught different sounds, how instruments are played, and how music is used all over the world.

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Preschool Music for Kids

Is your child in preschool? Make sure that they learn preschool music! Music education is essential in a kid’s early learning. They learn to speak and understand their native language through songs and nursery rhymes. Not everyone will grow up to be great singers, composers, or musicians, but every kid should be taught how to sing and to appreciate music in general. Things are also easier to learn and remember if they are sung – take the Alphabet Song and Ten Little Indians for example. In every toddler’s school, preschool music is present in their classes. Dancing and singing kids songs are included in almost every kids activity in school. It is a great way to learn and have fun at the same time. Introduce music to your kids while they are young!

Is preschool music for your kids?

Studies have shown that preschool music is very important in early childhood development. It has a lot of benefits besides entertaining kids.

  • Social and Emotional Skills
    Music intelligence helps develop a kid’s social and emotional skills. It is also a good outlet for self-expression when they grow up. You can identify a person’s feelings depending on the songs they listen to.
  • Academic Excellence
    Kids who are active in music education do better in reading, math, and science.
  • Self-confidence
    Preschool music helps kids to be more outgoing and also gives them higher self-esteem.
  • Awareness
    Kids activities involving singing and dancing help kids recognize different sounds and movements. Through music kids also learn more about their culture. Teach them songs from Australia like Happy Little Vegemites and The Possum.

Get your kids to start preschool music!

Kids can learn music as young as infants. Parents sing lullabies to their babies to put them to sleep. When they get older, they learn by listening to their favourite songs until they learn the lyrics by heart and sing along to those songs. They can even learn how to play musical instruments to develop their motor skills and coordination. At around 3 years old, you can enrol them in preschool music programs to build their musical foundation. These programs are available in preschools and day care centres and music schools. In these classes they are taught how to sing, dance, and interact and make friends with other children. Here are some preschool music activities that your kids will enjoy:

  • Heads, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes – Kids learn their different body parts by singing this song while pointing to the respective body part mentioned in the lyrics.
  • Name That Tune – This is a game where the memory of the kids is tested. A nursery rhyme is played or sung by the teacher and the kids try to guess the title of the song.
  • Old MacDonald’s Farm – This song teaches kids the different kinds of farm animals as well as the sounds they make.

You can browse our ActiveActivities Directory for more helpful tips and resources regarding preschool music and other topics.

Encourage your kids to foster an appreciation for music. Get them to participate in preschool music classes! Who knows, they might grow up to be great singers and musicians!


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