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Gold Coast Mermaids Synchronised Swimming Club Inc.
Perhaps you have experimented with floats and dives in the water and wondered how those graceful synchro swimmers make it all look so effortless….is it a sport? It is definitely one of the best ways to advance your fitness and flexibility. And after all that hard work, it is still a very feminine and beyond doubt , an elegant alternative to the swimming. There is no age, abilities or ethnic limitations to synchronise your abilities in our club. We offer simple fun and creativity for very little ...
Dione Braker
Do you have a little girl who just loves to dance? Does she come to you saying 'Mummy look at what I can do" and "Mummy watch me!"? Are you looking for a rewarding as well as educational activity for your budding ballerina? Then our family friendly school is just for you! Our Studio offers a complete program for the youngest ballerina right through to the older more serious dancer.
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Room 5, 7 Lawson St, The Southport Community Centre, Southport, QLD 4215

Don't waste your money or time!


Probably one of the worst dance schools on the Gold Coast. She is very un proffesional and doesn't accept feedback to better her business from students in her class. Her daughter also has a say in all classes. My kids pay to listen to you and teach and continue to improve and update your style of dance. It's very out dated and as mentioned never open to new ideas. If her daughter wants to change something in a routine she gets it changed and is focused around her daughter. If she wants her business to grow and succeed she needs to see the bigger picture or she will be loosing a lot more students.

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