National parks in the Perth region

A fun family day out at Kings Park. A fun family day out at Kings Park.

Reserves, community parks, and national parks in the Perth region are great places to relax and explore nature. Get back in touch with nature and discover the stunning sceneries that the Perth has to offer. The region is known for its outdoor lifestyle, that’s why visiting the national parks here should be at the top of your “activities for kids in Perth” list. Get the opportunity to see the Australian wildlife, do some bush walking, and have a quality family time!

  • Category: Outdoor & Adventure
  • Approximate age to start visiting national parks in the Perth region: around 3 years old
  • Approximate price: FREE to $11
  • This activity comprises of: Camping, bush walking, cycling, picnic, barbecue, swimming, water sports, bird watching, wildlife observation
  • Best period of the year: Summer
  • Most appropriate region: Perth City, Perth Hills, Peel, Swan District, Sunset Coast, Yanchep, Fremantle, Rottnest Island, Carnac Island, Penguin Island, Swan Valley, York, New Norcia
  • School holiday programs available: YES (summer camping trips and educational trips)

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Yanchep National Park is one of the most popular places to enjoy a great day out with the family. Have a glimpse of what you can see and experience inside the park.

Information on national parks in the Perth region

Why is the Perth region a great place to visit national parks?

Perth, Western Australia’s capital city, sits on the Swan River that is framed by the Indian Ocean beaches and Swan Valley vineyards. From lush national parks and uncrowded beaches to beautiful islands, the Perth region has it all. We will recommend some of the most popular national parks in the Perth region that you can visit. The most ideal time to visit is during the summer (December to March), when it is generally hot and dry with periodic rainfalls.

Whether you are from Western Australia or just visiting, the national parks in the Perth region are some of the best places that your family should not miss. They feature fun outdoor kids activities for toddlers, children and teenagers, like camping and bush walking or cycling on the tracks. They also have facilities like picnic areas and playgrounds.

  • Yanchep National Park
    Yanchep National Park is a great place to go to for a cultural trip with the kids. Known as Perth’s natural and cultural meeting place, it offers guided tours where you can experience the Aboriginal culture or explore the more than 600 caves. The park is also known for the Crystal Cave, Koala Boardwalk, and McNess House Visitor Centre. Enjoy the barbecue and picnic facilities and the native flora and fauna in one of the oldest national parks in Western Australia.
  • Serpentine National Park
    Serpentine National Park is known for featuring the Serpentine Falls, a waterfall that flows over a sheer granite surface. The park is also abundant in scenic landforms and lush forests. It also serves as a sanctuary for many wild animals and plants. Your family can enjoy bush walking, sightseeing, wildlife observation, and picnic at Serpentine National Park.
  • Nambung National Park
    Nambung National Park is where you can find the famous Pinnacles Desert, containing the spectacular limestone formations. The park includes many wildlife features, like the grey kangaroo and humpback whales. There are also around 90 different species of birds. You can also find many reptiles here. It also features beautiful beaches, coastal dune systems and groves of tuart trees.
  • Kings Park
    Kings Park is the largest inner-city park in the world. It has some of the best views in Perth. Bring your children here and visit the botanical gardens and the natural bushland. Things that you can do at Kings Park are bush walking or cycling with your kids, and having a picnic or barbecue. The park also features Federation Walk, a walkway above the tree tops. If you visit during the summer, you will get to witness the popular Kings Park Wildflower Festival.
  • John Forrest National Park
    John Forrest National Park is Western Australia’s first national park. It is also one of the oldest conservation areas in Australia. As one of the most popular recreation areas in the Perth region, the park features magnificent views of the Swan coastal plain. It also contains walking and cycling tracks leading to quiet pools and amazing waterfalls.
  • Avon Valley National Park
    Do your kids love adrenaline pumping activities? Then you should try the rafting tours in Avon Valley National Park. During winter and spring, river rafting is a popular activity on the Avon River as it churns over spectacular rapids. During summer and autumn, the river becomes a series of pools on granite boulder. We also recommend bird watching and sightseeing of the panoramic views over the Avon Valley. If you want to go camping in the Perth region, the Avon Valley National Park is also a great location.

The region also offers amazing marine parks such as the Marmion Marine Park and Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. These places are perfect for kids who are fascinated with the marine life, as well as the water sports enthusiasts. For more details on the marine parks and national parks in the Perth region, you can visit our ActiveActivities directory.

Perth has a lot to offer to children of all interests. The region also features zoos, museums and galleries, and entertainment centres. Surely, you and your kids will never get bored during your stay in Perth!

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