National Parks for kids in the Brisbane Region

Camping in the forest. Camping in the forest.

Being the capital and centre of activities in Queensland, there are lots of things to do with kids in Brisbane. Some of the most enjoyable weekend activities are outdoor activities for kids in the Brisbane region. Kids, being naturally active and energetic, always need to learn and experience something new, something exciting and will get them up and about. If you decide to take them to Brisbane in the weekends or spend the school holidays in Queensland, why not have some leisure time at the national parks?

Information on National Parks for kids in the Brisbane region

Why going to national parks in the Brisbane region is a great activity for your kids?

Australia has most of the endangered species in the world. These animals are protected and kept in their natural habitats at zoos and national parks, where your kids can actually interact with them. National parks in QLD, especially in Brisbane, are also very popular tourist spots and recreation areas in Australia. With the national parks’ untouched environment, you can get to escape from the busy city without actually leaving the city. Brisbane has a subtropical climate, ideal for outdoor activities. Enjoy this nice Brisbane climate by spending time with your kids at these popular national parks in the Brisbane region. They offer educational and adventure activities like visiting the animals, camping, and bushwalking. They also provide recreational facilities like picnic and barbeque areas, playgrounds, and other family and kids activities.

  • Australia Zoo
    Owned by the late crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin, Australia Zoo is home to different kinds of reptiles living in Australia. Its main exhibits include the Crocoseum, African Safari, Tiger Temple, Elephantasia, Southeast Asian Precinct, and the Rainforest Aviary. You can get around the zoo by riding Steve’s Safari Shuttle. Australia Zoo also has a food court and two shaded playgrounds.
  • Brisbane Forest Park
    Also known as D’Aguilar National Park, Brisbane Forest Park protects the D’Aguilar Range’s enormous bushland area. Tourists visit the park for the spectacular view, untouched rainforests and gorges, and Australian wildlife animals like the platypus and wallabies.
  • Brisbane State Forest
    Families go to Brisbane State Forest for a fun and educational day out. With 28,000 hectares of bush land, the most popular activities here are bushwalking, horse riding, bird watching, and picnics.
  • Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
    Have your kids picture taken with the cute and cuddly koalas, or feed the kangaroos at the oldest koala sanctuary in the world, the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. The sanctuary also houses more than 100 species of Australian animals. It also has picnic and barbeque facilities for the family.
  • Currumbin Sanctuary
    The Currumbin Sanctuary is one of the most popular holiday spots in Australia. One of its key features is the night adventures including night encounters with the nocturnal animals, and camping with kids under the starry sky.

There are more things to do with kids in Brisbane other than visiting the national parks; so your kids have more options on how they want to spend their holidays in the city. Our ActiveActivities Directory recommends some of the most popular kids activities in Brisbane.

Kids love animals as much as they love picnics and adventure activities. With a trip to the national parks, the kids and the whole family can get to enjoy these three activities, letting them have the best day ever!

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