Adventure Clubs for Kids

Full of adventure, full of fun
Full of adventure, full of fun

Join an adventure club and discover the great outdoors!
Adventure clubs - sometimes known as outdoor clubs - offer outdoor activities for kids, including bushwalking, abseiling, camping, and much more. Give your kids a chance to experience the great diversity of the Australian outdoors!

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Adventure camps can be of various types, and offer plenty of activities. One of them can be surfing instructions, which is great fun for your kids!

Information on Adventure Clubs for Kids

Are adventure clubs for your kid(s)?

Do your kids love adventure? Do they want to become explorers? If they enjoy being outdoors and are keen to have new, experiences they might love to join an adventure club. Adventure clubs for kids offer a wide range of opportunities including:

If your kids are bored during the school holidays, adventure clubs could provide the answer. Many adventure clubs have school holiday camps where children can camp overnight and take part in a varied range of adventure based kids activities.

Adventure clubs are a great way to teach kids bush survival skills and many children love learning about nature and the Australian landscape. As well as being educational and confidence building, adventure clubs can help kids improve their fitness and get them out of the house and away from the TV.

Do your kids hate being outdoors? They may be more suited to indoor activities, as they probably will not enjoy an adventure club. Adventure clubs are great for kids who love being active and outside and enjoy learning new skills. Most adventure clubs take kids from primary school age, but there’s no reason why younger kids can’t go for a bushwalk with their parents or enjoy family camping trips.

Get your kids to go to adventure clubs!

Not sure where the nearest adventure club is? Check our ActiveActivities Directory for details. Many adventure clubs offer weekend courses and activities as well as one-off events such as adventure tours. Generally, adventure clubs are affordable and youth clubs such as the YMCA often offer adventure activities for a minimal cost. Any gear is generally provided but it is a good idea to make sure your child has a good pair of walking shoes and a hat

Some adventure activities are restricted depending on the time of year and the weather so the types of activities on offer will vary from location to location, and from season to season. I hope that your child will have a great time discovering new places and learning new skills!

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