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Get to see the famous giant panda in Adelaide Zoo! Get to see the famous giant panda in Adelaide Zoo!

South Australia has the most diverse areas among the states and territories of Australia, from its coastal towns to its arid deserts. It also has different sorts of domestic and exotic flora and fauna preserved in its numerous wildlife parks, national parks, and zoos. The wildlife parks in Adelaide, its capital city, are some of the best in South Australia. If you are looking forward to a fun and educational weekend, there is no better place to spend it than the wildlife parks in SA. Encountering the Australian wildlife will allow your kids to reconnect with nature!

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Get up close with the kangaroos and other animals at the Cleland Wildlife Park! The little kids seems to be intrigued by his new friends!

Information about Wildlife Parks In Sa For Kids

Why is visiting wildlife parks in SA a great activity for your kids?

Most of the wildlife parks in SA have fun activities for kids, such as allowing them to directly feed animals by hand, entertaining animal shows, and educational tours. Here is a list of South Australian national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and zoos:

  • Kangaroo Island
    Kangaroo Island, with its abundance of wildlife and natural scenery, is said to be the wildlife haven of South Australia. Australia's iconic animals can be found here, including kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, and penguins. In Kangaroo Island, your kids will get to meet these animals in their natural habitat Ð in wildlife parks, national parks, reserves, or just in the farmlands along the roads. For a fun, wildlife experience in Kangaroo Island, it is better to visit the island at dawn and dusk, when most of the animals are at their most active. Kangaroo Island also has other attractions, like its remarkable rocks, the Admirals Arch, the Kelly Hill Caves, and the lighthouses.

  • Gorge Wildlife Park
    Walk among the kangaroos and wallabies or cuddle a koala at Gorge Wildlife Park. There is also a range of exotic animals on display, like alligators, meerkats, otters, and a vast array of free-flying birds Ð from fairy wrens to rainbow lorikeets. Join the walk-through wildlife tours or just relax with the family at the picnic areas with free gas barbecues.

  • Cleland Wildlife Park
    Situated in natural bushland setting, award-winning Cleland Wildlife Park is one of the must-visit attractions of SA. It has over 130 species of animals, many of them roaming freely in the park where the kids can play with them. Enhance your kids' special experience at the park by joining the daily educational keeper talks and self-guided discovery trails.

  • Urimbirra Wildlife Park
    Urimbirra Wildlife Park got its name on the aboriginal word Òurimbirra,Ó which means Òto preserve.Ó It is home to over 400 Australian native animals of more than 70 species. Wander amongst the kangaroos in the walk-through area, or see the wombats in their burrows in a special viewing area. The park has a walk-through aviary, reptiles on display, wetland area, nocturnal house, children's farmyard, and facilities such as picnic and barbecue areas.

  • Adelaide Zoo
    Adelaide Zoo is the second oldest zoo in Australia, next to Melbourne Zoo, and the only major zoo in Australia that is owned and operated on a non-profit basis. It holds over 1,800 animals of about 300 species. Its Immersion program allows visitors to walk through the jungle and encounter South East Asian animals like Sumatran tigers and orang-utans. Adelaide Zoo is known for having the best bird collection among Australian zoos. Visitors can see all these birds in their displays and walk-through aviaries.

  • Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary
    Warrawong houses over 100 species of birds and native mammals, most of which are nocturnal. It offers nocturnal walks, animal shows, and overnight accommodations for the families who want to go camping on the bushland.

Other than the zoos, national parks, and wildlife parks in SA, other attractions in SA that your kids might be interested in visiting are Barossa Valley, Naracoorte Caves, Flinders Ranges, and the beaches. Click on our ActiveActivities Directory for a full list of national parks in SA. You will also find there lots of kids activities and other things to do in SA.

A trip to wildlife parks, either for recreational or educational purposes, can be an exceptional experience for your kids. They will get to up close with different kinds of animals. Not only that, they will also learn more about different species, threats to their existence, and ways to prevent them from becoming extinct. Helping to educate our kids and make them more aware and responsible about our environment. If you are in South Australia and are looking for ways to have a nice family bonding activity, the wildlife parks must not be left out of the list. Come visit the wildlife parks in SA!

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