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A child's mental development is encouraged in child care centres, where they learn basic skills such as shape recognition. A child's mental development is encouraged in child care centres, where they learn basic skills such as shape recognition.

Know the importance of early learning to your kids!

Early learning begins even before a child is born. Science has proven kids hear and recognize their mother's voice while they are still inside her womb. Kids are active learners and are naturally curious – they tend to learn better on their own and don't need to be taught in order to learn. Everything that they encounter is a kids learning experience, even those outside of school.

From birth up to three years is what we consider as the developmental period. It is the period when the human brain is already receptive to learning. Early learning plays an important role during the developmental period. Kids education doesn't need to wait until the kid enters preschool or kindergarten. It is better to start early!

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Is early learning important for your kids?

Child care centres and day care services provide early kids education programs that contribute not only to cognitive development, but also to socio-emotional development, as these areas are interconnected. Kids gain socio-emotional learning from the relationships they build and by being engaged and motivated in what they are learning. In the cognitive aspect, kids learn from kids activities that build early language, reading, and math skills - three of the most basic areas kids need to learn early.

The role of adults does not stop with being their teachers; their role is also to encourage and inspire kids to learn. That's why teachers make sure that kids have fun while learning when participating in preschool activities. Most early learning activities are in the form of kids learning games so they would be more engaged and driven to participate. Allow them to explore the world around them, pick up things and examine them. Activities for kids are more effective and engaging if they are hands-on, activities that will activate their investigative and creative thinking skills.

Early learning will:

  • Enhance an infant's brain development;
  • Cultivate school readiness;
  • Enable kids to explore, discover, and grow through play-based learning;
  • Develop a strong foundation for learning in all areas – language, math, arts, and physical activities; and
  • Improve socio-emotional development through interaction with peers and teachers.

Early learning can also start at home. Studies say that kids learn more easily with people they are familiar and comfortable with. You can teach them language and literature by reading bedtime stories to them. Teach them colour recognition and familiarise them with shapes and signs through educational toys like flash cards and puzzles. Bring them to the grocery and get them acquainted to labels and also street signs while you're on the road. Kids can learn from almost anything!

Some parents may be too busy that they consent their kids to child care centres. Entrust your kids to day care services that will not only look after your kids, but also make sure they learn and have fun during their stay. You can browse our ActiveActivities Directory for a list of early learning centres in Australia and more helpful tips on early learning.

Enhance your baby's brain development! Prepare them for preschool! Make sure your kids experience fun early learning activities!

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