How to teach your kids to cook

How to teach your kids to cook
Teaching your kids to cook can be as easy as ready, set, go with these tips.

Ready includes all the preparation thoughts and actions that need to occur before you begin cooking. Simple things such as looking out the ingredients and washing your hands.

Set includes the next step before you begin cooking - such as reading the recipe. It helps to know where you're going and the direction you need to take before you get started.

And then you're good to GO! This means you can start cooking with care - and there a few more helpful hints along the way.

These simple tips will have your kids become a mini chef in your kitchen in no time.


1. Do you have all the ingredients?

2 Wash your hands with warm water and soap – clean hands are essential when cooking to avoid the spreading of germs.

3 Put on a t-shirt and apron so you don’t mess up your clothes. And do wear shoes (such as runners) in case something sharp or hot falls on your toes.

4 If you have long hair, tie it up. This way you’ll look good, no hair will fall into your food and there’s no chance of it catching fire.

5 Clear the bench top before you start, and wipe down surfaces, putting away anything you don’t need. This might be boring, but you’ll never be a mini chef otherwise.

6 Wash and dry all fruits and vegetables before you use them. Even the freshest, organic fruit and veg need a quick rinse. 7 Defrost meat, poultry or seafood in the refrigerator on a plate lined with paper towels. THIS IS A MUST in order to avoid food poisoning! (If you’re in a hurry, you can also use the microwave. But be aware that no aluminium foil should go in it and be careful that the meat is not in there so long that it actually cooks. A slow defrost is all you need.)

8 Clean up as you go. Cleaning up isn’t so bad when you do it as you go.



1. Before you start cooking, read the recipe carefully. Does it make sense?

2 And do you have enough time?

3 Check that you have all the necessary ingredients. Place the ingredients you need on the benchtop—this is especially important when stir-frying as all the ingredients need to be cooked quickly. The French call this ‘mise en place’ (pronounced ‘meez on plahs’), which means measuring and chopping the ingredients listed in the recipe ahead of time.

4 Use the timer on your oven – it’s the one piece of equipment all mini chefs can’t do without. Otherwise a kitchen timer is very handy and will help to remind you when things are ready.



1 Spoon dry ingredients such as flour and sugar into dry measuring cups or spoons.

2 Level off with the back of a knife. Do not pack down unless you are measuring brown sugar, which is always measured firmly packed.

3 Or you can measure dry ingredients on digital scales. Spoon ingredients into a plastic container that has been placed on the scales and set on zero.

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