Cycling for Kids

Get on the road to cycle around Australia! Get on the road to cycle around Australia!

Get your kids into the cycling world, a very versatile sport!

Cycling is a fun activity that both boys and girls can participate in.  In Australia there are many ways kids can get involved in cycling both competitively and for leisure.

  The type of competitions they can take part in are:
  • track cycling, that takes place in a velodrome
  • road cycling, outdoors on the road
  • mountain biking and BMX., off road over rough terrain

All have different rules , equipment  and develop different physical strength (track cycling developing speed and muscular tonicity, mountain biking more endurance and agility) but are obviously the same original sport.

A video of Cycling for Kids

Learning to ride a bike can take weeks or even months of practice. But one nonprofit group is offering a class that uses an unusual method to teach kids to ride ... in as little as 15 minutes.

Information on Cycling for Kids

Is cycling for your kid?

Cycling is one of the most popular kids activities in Australia.

  Some of its benefits include:

  • Increased fitness, especially endurance and lower muscular development (thighs, calfs)
  • Increased mental and self confidence by taking part in competitions and reaching a team or single objectives
  • Learning to work in a team
  • Learning sports strategies
  • A greater appreciation of the outdoors
  • The enjoyment of competing in races or cycling for leisure with friends

Kids can compete in cycling events and competitions from the age of five or younger depending on the type of cycling it is.

Get your kids started!

All good Australian bikers clubs provide coaching for children and adults.  You may want to seek for one in your area, by browsing through our Active Activities directory.

Many clubs offer coaching in both track and road cycling.  Track cycling equipment includes:

  • a track bike,
  • a helmet,
  • Sometimes glasses, to protect from the wind in your eyes
  • cycling shoes ,
  • a tight stretchy outfit for competing. 

Road cycling equipment includes:

  • a road bike,
  • helmet,
  • road cycling shoes

Kids’ fees range from $20 per year to $150.  Track cycling can be done all year round.  Road racing usually runs from autumn till spring. When it gets wet, it can get really dangerous and slippery due to the thin wheels.
Kids as young as 3 can join a mountain biking club.  They’ll need:

  • a mountain bike,
  • gloves,
  • glasses,
  • flexible sports shoes. 

Fees vary around $40 to $80.  Mountain biking can be done all year round.
Many BMX clubs have Sprocket Rocket divisions for kids under the age of 8 that focus on developing their skills.  To join they’ll need a 20 inch or 24 inch BMX bike, gloves, full face helmet, closed toe shoes.  Membership fees range from $60 to $80.
While getting your kids to start a sport, you must always consider the risks that are inherent to this sport and make sure your kid understands them well.
To be more specific, track cycling is obviously a matter of speed. It is easy to fall and hurt yourself. Make sure your kid has a good quality helmet. Road Cycling is dangerous as you are cycling aside cars. Make sure you are visible and try to avoid cycling when it is raining and at night, but if you do, make sure you have front and back lights. If your kid goes mountain biking in a forest without supervision, he may hurt himself and need medical assistance. Make sure he always has a way to contact you.

Stars and events not to be missed!

In July 2011 Cadel Evans made history by becoming the first Australian to win the Tour de France.  Other well known Australian bikers include Anna Millward, Luke Roberts, Sam Hill and Dave Dillewaard.

Some of the popular cycling events in Australia include:

  • Tour Down Under
    Road cycling race held in Adelaide in January.
  • Scody Cycling Australia Track National Championships
    Track cycling event held in January/February
  • Scott 24 Hours of Adrenaline Australia 24 Hour Championships
    Mountain biking event held in Canberra in October
  • Australian BMX Championships
    Held in April/May

Major international events include:

  • Tour de France
  • UCI Track World Championships
  • UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships
  • UCI BMX World Championships
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