Soccer for kids in New South Wales

Feeling victorious over his first ever goal! Feeling victorious over his first ever goal!

Children love engaging themselves to various activities like soccer for kids. Allowing your kids to be active in sports is a great way for them to know know their strengths and develop their weaknesses. New South Wales is a great place for kids to play soccer. With various soccer camps that have age-specific soccer programs, your kids are sure to always be on top of their game!

  • Category:Sports
  • Approximate age to start (name of activity): 3
  • Approximate price: $65/session
  • Gear/equipment needed and approximate price range:Soccer boots ($50-$300),Soccer socks ($20),Shin guards ($25-$70),Soccer ball ($30-$50)
  • This activity comprises of: soccer training,soccer workshops,soccer tournaments
  • Best period of the year: Year-round
  • Most appropriate region: New South Wales
  • School holiday programs available: YES

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Parramatta and Lidcombe are NSW's best and most competitive teams when it comes to Under 7 soccer games. The final result of the game was 0-0, proving how equally skillful they are.

Information on Soccer for kids in New South Wales

Why is New South Wales a great place for your kids to try soccer?

To inspire your children to play soccer in New South Wales, you can take them to watch games in the Allianz Stadium (previously known as the Sydney Football Stadium). The stadium was where the football events for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games were held, and the stadium continues to be the prime venue for major football matches and tournaments. Taking your kids to events like these will surely make them get to know their idols and be inspired to engage in soccer activities for kids.

Football NSW is the governing body for all football and futsal activities in New South Wales, with the exception of the northern regions of NSW. For the northern regions, the governing body is the Northern New South Wales Football. The headquarters of Football NSW is located at Valentine Sports Park, a multipurpose sporting complex that consists of 5 playing fields.

Football NSW ensures that all children get a good opportunity to participate in soccer for kids in New South Wales. It holds competitions for the youth as well as school holiday soccer camps for kids. Meanwhile, Northern NSW Football organises national youth championships. Both organisations are very particular in developing their grassroots programs, designing football activities that are specifically for children, who have different developmental characteristics and needs.

Futsal for kids in New South Wales is also under the same NSW soccer federation, Football NSW. They hold futsal championships for boys and girls starting 6 years of age. The tournament is one of the largest school-based single sports events in NSW and in Australia.

Get your kids to play soccer in New South Wales!

Soccer is one of the sports for children that greatly develop motor skills as well as camaraderie among kids. Let your kids explore the game of soccer at an early age. It will be great for them to be active, to learn team sports, and to understand the value of discipline.

There are many opportunities for your children to start playing football for kids. Boys and girls starting age 5 can start joining tournaments sanctioned by Football NSW. Toddlers are encouraged to practice dribbling and short passing at home before they’re allowed to join soccer camps for kids.

The top tier youth league competition for boys’ football in NSW is the NSW Premier Youth League. The competition consists of 12 teams in three age groups, U13, U16, U18 and 13 teams in 2 age groups, U14 and U15. The Women’s Premier League also has divisions for kids U12, U14 and U16. Among kids activities, soccer youth league is the dream of toddlers and children who want to be closer to playing in AFL. In order to get your kids to compete in one of these competitions, it would be a good idea to sign them up for soccer clubs for kids.

Joining soccer clubs for kids is one of the best ways to get your children closer to their dreams. By finding the right club for them, your kids will surely learn more than what you expect. These clubs are meant to train your kids and to teach them in a competitive environment. Professional coaches lead children to learning soccer for kids in New South Wales. These coaches will teach them the necessary skills, such as motor skills, balance, and hand and feet coordination. When it comes to the level of extremity in playing the game, there are different coaching programs which are age-specific. Each program is designed to hone the skills of your kids as they progress to higher levels. Check out ActiveActivities directory for a list of soccer clubs for kids.

Football NSW organises school holiday camps for kids in New South Wales. It provides players aged 5-13 years with a chance to be coached by professional and qualified FNSW instructors. The camp focuses on fundamental football skills like striking the ball, running with the ball, first touch, one-on-one and improving speed/agility. Registration can be done in the official Football NSW website. Camps cost around $120, and payments can be made by cheque, credit card, cash, or direct deposit. Family discounts also apply.

Support your kids and cheer for them while they are on the field!

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