Football and the Development of the Young Person

Football and the Development of the Young Person
Football (the round one) is an incredibly beneficial and at times pivotal in aiding the development of the young, malleable brains of kids and adolescents. Sport offers an extension to a child’s life which allows for further expression than their school and personal life tends to afford, as well as seeing them gradually grow in confidence. Football does all these things within a strong team environment, with even stronger emphasis on the collective; in theory it’s a simple sport, after all; the round ball goes in the net. Realistically this experience can serve a young person’s development in numerous ways.

A different kind of education

Football, similar to any sport, is exercise, creating a sense of physical exertion that often leads to children discovering their own capacity for improvement outside of the classroom. Not only can an adolescent see themselves get faster, or stronger, or more agile, but often their coaches will see them develop an aspect to their game which brings out an individualistic kind of satisfaction in improving themselves. Football is a game with many facets of development; it’s not quite as simple as scoring the most goals, players grow into their roles; they can develop their ability to pass the ball, or defend the ball, or shoot the ball. This progress is catered to the individual child, and often extends well beyond the rigorous boundaries of a classroom environment.

Growing team spirit

Football clubs offer a sense of camaraderie that leads to collective emotional efforts, but it is not obligatory to find a club in pursuit of team spirit. Academies similarly present the construction of team spirit; everyone is working together to improve and become the best version of themselves, with the fostering of team spirit coming through all sorts of competitive instincts. Whether it’s a desire to score a hat-trick, or see out a tight game, football as a sport engenders a sense of distinct teamwork that is rare outside of the sporting field. Winning as a person is great, but winning as a team lets you share the feeling and grow friendships.

Growing as a person

Football involves hardships and passion. There will be days when things don’t go as well as they could have, and there will be days where everything clicks, and a child will create a memory of being distinctly proud of their performance. These are all facets of growing as a positive individual; they involve self-discipline, they involve being challenged to perform better, they involve developing a maturity that understands there is more to enjoying football than simply scoring a goal. Football creates a balance between competitiveness and team spirit which instils values within a child that serves them beyond sport, empowering them in life’s journey to be a positive individual.

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