How to keep your kids fit during school holidays

How to keep your kids fit during school holidays
Your kids love school holidays for so many different reasons. The freedom to wake up at any time. The freedom to treat themselves to video games, reading or surfing the net or checking out the latest YouTube video content. The freedom to spend hours hanging out with friends and family.

However, we are confident that parents will agree, that there is nothing like treating having your kids enjoy these experiences in the school holidays AFTER they spend some time working on their health and fitness. One awesome way that you can guarantee you kids will enjoy their school holiday journey is having them start their day off with a great physical workout with their mates.

One way to do this is to create a School holiday Fitness play for your kids. Here's an example:

School Holiday Fitness Plan for Kids

Have your kids round up a group of mates (anywhere from two to six teammates is a good starting point). Then, organise to meet at a local park that is safe and reliable with good quality facilities. Then, set your kids to task by complete this three day fitness challenge:


15 minute non-stop run – Chuck on your runners, find a local park and run laps of the park non-stop for 15 minutes. How about taking your pet dog or brothers or sisters with you for some company!


30 Minute bike ride – Pump up your bike tyres, strap on your helmet and head off on a bike ride. Try and stay clear of busy roads and watch out for cars. Grab some of your mates and head off on a mini adventure on your bike!


Push Up – Sit Up – Squat – Sprint Challenge (Attempt this routine 5 times)

10 push ups immediately followed by 10 sit ups immediately followed by 10 body weight squats (your butt needs to go close to the ground). Immediately after this routine is completed, kids are to sprint to a target 100 metres away and sprint back to the workout station. Follow this up with a 2 minute rest. Attempt this routine 5 times.

Your kids’ muscles will be burning by the end!

Encourage Your Kids to Track Their Progress

Have the kids take a note of each session identifying how long they ran for, rode their bike for and even how many push ups, sit ups and squats they completed. They’ll be surprised how fast they can increase their fitness levels!

Plus, as parents, you will see the benefits of your kids being active in the school holidays. From more stable moods through to consistent sleeping patterns and improved physical and mental capacity, your kids will love you for setting them to task on this fitness plan in the school holidays.

School Holiday Sports Camps

If you are committed to keeping your kids fit and active in school holidays, enrol them to attend a school holiday sports camp.

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