Indoor Play Park for Kids

A great place for fun! A great place for fun!

Are your younger kids exploding with energy and do you need a place to help them burn it off? An indoor play park is a quick, affordable way for them to tear around without destroying the house or garden!

An indoor play centre or play park is an indoor area designed for children with obstacles, slides, ball pits and other kids activities.

Indoor centres are often located in shopping malls or inner city areas and can range in size from small enclosed space to miniature indoor amusement parks with a range of different themed areas and games on offer.

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Indoor playgrounds are a great place for Private Birthday Parties, Summer Day Camps, Drop In Play, Early Years and Preschool Programs for kids. They'll have fun, make new friends in a creative environment.

Information on indoor Play Parks for Kids in Australia

Is an indoor play park right for for your kids or family?

An indoor play park can be a great kids' activity, particularly on rainy days or when it's too hot or cold to go to the local playground. Even babies and toddlers can enjoy the activities on offer and burn off some energy. Some of the advantages of an indoor play park include:

  • Indoors ? can be enjoyed in any weather
  • Physical ? a chance for kids to get some exercise
  • Social ? children can interact and play with each other
  • Safe ? usually well padded so if kids fall they won't get hurt
  • Fun

Most kids enjoy time at an indoor play park. For particularly active kids it can be an excellent place to burn off some of that energy! Children who are very sensitive or easily overstimulated may find them overwhelming. There is often a separate area for babies and toddlers to prevent them being accidentally hurt by bigger kids running around.

There are a number of different activities on offer at most indoor play parks such as:

  • Slides
  • Tunnels
  • Ball pits
  • Rocking horses
  • Puzzles
  • Climbing walls
  • Ladders
  • Mazes

Most play centres have cafes attached which can provide kid friendly food and coffee for parents. Some indoor play parks are located in shopping malls and allow you to bring your own food and drink.

Most play centres are designed with children aged 3-12 in mind although there is usually a separate baby play area with soft mats and age appropriate toys. In some of the bigger play parks, the equipment may be dangerous for young toddlers and they could be a risk of injury from rough-playing older children.

How do I organise a trip to an indoor play park?

Most indoor play parks are open all year round although some may be closed on public holidays. There is usually an entry fee of around $10-20 per child although this can vary depending on age. Some indoor play areas in shopping malls are free of charge. You can't usually bring food or drink from outside and your child will need to take their shoes off to go on the equipment so make sure you bring socks for them to wear. If you have very young children you might want to avoid going during the period just after the end of school because the equipment may be taken over by larger children. Make sure your children are dressed in loose, comfortable clothing that is not too hot.

If you think your kids could stand an hour or two burning off their extra energy in a safe and fun environment, then use the ActiveActivities directory to find a indoor play park near you!

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