Conducting for kids

A little girl studying music A little girl studying music

If your kids have tried all the regular activities their friends do but haven't take to any of them, perhaps think about music conducting classes. Perhaps your child will take more to the musicianship theory aspect of this pastime than team sports, but they can still interact with other kids as conducting is done in conjunction with a band or orchestra.

  • Category:Performing Arts
  • Appropriate age: 5 and up
  • Approximate price:Around $60 for a half hour lesson
  • Best time of year: All year round

A video of Conducting for kids

An amazing 8 year old boy conducts an orchestra!

Information on conducting for kids

Would your kids enjoy music conducting?

Do you have a youngster who is a child prodigy at playing their musical instrument? Maybe you've noticed that your toddlers have natural leadership skills? Or perhaps you're just looking for activities for kids with a difference? If you answered yes to any of the above, letting your child learn how to conduct an orchestra might be an activity they should try out.

Why is music conducting a great kids activity?

Kids activities with the most benefits combine fun and education. There's no doubt that music conducting for kids can be fun, but it also gives your child knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  •        Music appreciation
  •        Music concepts including rhythm, meter, tempo and steady beat
  •        Maths concepts-counting, grouping, subdivision (in time),equal parts(fractions)
  •        Physical skills including motor coordination, ear/hand/eye coordination
  •        Social skills-leadership, following directions, paying attention
  •       Actively cooperating in a group

These lessons can be simplified so that they can be taught to kids as young as 5, and of course detail added to make them challenging enough for kids right through to high school age.

Also, your kids' music conducting technique will not be the only thing to improve if they take up this activity. Many of the skills listed above are invaluable for kids daily life on an ongoing basis.  The improvements to other areas of their school study through music conducting exercises can also help them maintain good self-esteem and a generally positive outlook on life. What better way to help your kids be successful?

Information about music conducting for kids

Music conducting courses are a very specialised subject area, so it is most likely you kids will be taught by other music teachers for kids who offer one-on-one lessons.

Connexions ( is a website that has an example of a music conducting lesson plan. This is a useful tool to preview what kind of activities and information will be included in a term of music classes for kids.

What will my child need to learn music conducting?

The wonderful thing about this activity is that it requires no materials other than a thin stick to wave through the air, known as a conductor's baton. A long pencil is absolutely fine as a substitute until your child decides they are serious enough to purchase a proper one from a music store.

You needn't supply your child with anything more than this, besides lots of encouragement and motivation to take up this fantastic activity!

Check the ActiveActivities directory today for a full listing of music teachers for kids all over Australia!