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Kids playing accordion, with the teacher at the far side Kids playing accordion, with the teacher at the far side

The accordion was first patented in 1829 by Cyrill Demian, an Armenian from Vienna. The modern version of the accordion is played by compressing or expanding the instruments bellows while pressing buttons or keys, causing valves (pallets) to open, allowing air to flow across strips of brass or steel. For fun and quirky kids, the accordion is the perfect instrument!

  • Category:Performing Arts
  • Approximate age to start studying accordion:6
  • Approximate price:$45-$60
  • Gear/equipment needed and approximate price range: Accordion ($300-$1000)
  • This activity comprises of:Performing, Rehearsing, Competing
  • Best period of the year:Year-Round
  • School holiday programs available:YES

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Information on accordion teachers for kids

Are accordion teachers for your kids?

If you're looking for kids activities that help your child express his whimsical and musical side, then the accordion is a great option. The accordion is traditionally used for folk or ethnic music, though it was used in popular music from the 1900s to the 1960s, known as the "Golden Age of Accordion." It's crucial to learn about your kids' taste in music to see if the accordion is the right instrument for them.

As much as possible, look for accordion teachers for your kids early on, so that they learn how to properly maintain and handle the instrument. Bad habits shouldn't go unnoticed or unchanged, and it's helpful to have your child's music teacher around to ensure that he or she will not develop bad techniques while playing the accordion.

Why hire an accordion teacher?

  • Accordion teachers help your child to perform at a competitive level
    Accordion teachers are most useful when helping your kids prepare for competitions. They can provide professional feedback regarding your child's performance to make sure that your child does his or her best when competing.
  • Accordion teachers ensure your child's progress Its easy to get stuck when learning an instrument. Good accordion teachers, with their years of experience, can suggest activities for kids that develop different techniques, ensuring that your childs progress when learning the instrument goes smoothly. If you see that your child is not improving with his or her present accordion teacher, then it might be best to consider enrolling him or her under a different teacher.
  • Accordion teachers allow your children to learn a variety of styles Hiring an accordion teacher can expose your children to a greater variety of music apart from what your child is used to hearing. Good teachers help kids find their musical identity by allowing them to play a variety of styles and sounds. They can also introduce your children to the music of famous accordion players from Australia, like Cathie Travers and Nick Pepe, to inspire your kids to excel in learning how to play the instrument.

There are many different types of accordions, like the diatonic accordions, concertinas, chromatic and bayan accordions, and piano accordions. For kids that have been under a keyboard teacher, transposing their knowledge to a piano accordion may be easier due to the piano keyboard layout of the piano accordion. Otherwise, it's best to consult an accordion teacher to learn more about which type of accordion is best for your kids. Mini accordions are available for toddlers ages 3 and up.

Hire an accordion teacher for your kids!

A private music lesson can cost at around $45-$60 per hour once a week. When looking for an accordion teacher, make sure to look for ones that can present certifications for their skills or ones that play in professional orchestras. You can also read testimonials or ask friends that have enrolled their kids under the same accordion teacher. In case your child is not into learning the accordion, you can opt for different types of music classes and lessons instead.

If you're unsure of the credibility of the accordion teachers available in your area, you can also opt to look for music schools that offer accordion lessons. A good music academy normally has a set of graduates that have become successful musicians. To learn more about the accordion teachers in your area, visit the ActiveActivities directory.

Apart from accordion classes for kids, you can also purchase an accordion lesson book to complement your child's learning. Ask accordion tutors as to which accordion lesson book is most appropriate for your child's level and interest.

In Australia, there is an organisation called the Australian Accordion Teachers Association Inc., (AATA) which aims to promote and encourage the playing and enjoyment of the accordion in Australia. The AATA organises competitions to contestants from any country playing button or piano accordion. For example, the International Open Accordion Championships is open to kids 12 years and under for an entrance fee of $25. Entrants can play at least two pieces of different style, character, and composer. There is also a division for children below 15 years old, where competitors will also play two different pieces and present themselves as artists to an audience: presentation, dress, and stage-craft will all be considered. The entrance fee costs $35.

Apart from international competitions, the AATA also organises the Australian Championship. By joining this accordion competition, entrants can compete for the honour of winning an Australian Accordion Championship title. There are divisions for kids 9 and under, 12 years and under, as well as 15 years and under. Entry forms can be downloaded from the AATA website. If your child is under a great accordion teacher, then he or she has a high possibility of doing well in these competitions and gain national or international fame.

Get your kids to master the art of playing the accordion under an accordion teacher!