Ballet Dancing for Kids

Kids learning Ballet Dancing Kids learning Ballet Dancing

Ballet has been prominent in Australia since the early 1900s, when an ongoing dance exchange between Australia, England and Russia began.

After World War II, the Borovansky Ballet dominated until it was reformed as the Australian Ballet in 1962?the busiest ballet company in the world, regularly touring all the major Australian cities.

Now there are state-supported companies as well as numerous private ballet companies.

A video of Ballet Dancing for Kids

Children ballet class . Children between 7 and 11 years old performing a little choreography for the parents

Information on Ballet Dancing for Kids in Australia

Is Ballet Dancing for Your Kids?

Ballet dancing is a physically demanding art form and requires physical and mental discipline and practice. It thus develops many skills and has numerous benefits, including:

  • Promotes strength, flexibility, coordination and balance
  • Helps posture in many children
  • Teaches skill, grace, poise, self-discipline
  • Fosters self-confidence and positive self-image
  • Promotes a love of the arts
  • Develops a passion for rhythm and movement
  • Encourages friendships with children of like interests

Get Your Kids Started!

In most cases kids do not start formal ballet lessons until the age of eight, though they can attend Pre School dance classes from quite  young. Here they learn to enjoy music and may learn some basic ballet positions. Generally, these types of classes are more on fun and the parents seeing their child participating rather than them starting their formal ballet journey.

For children who seriously aspire to be dancers, The Australian Ballet School holds auditions in each of the major cities every year for after-school training of 8-13 year olds and for full-time training of 13 or 14 year old children.

How to find a suitable teacher or academy?

What to look for when checking out a ballet school

  • Professional set-up
  • Qualified teachers  and experience
  • Appropriate flooring and bars
  • Class size suited to your Childs needs
  • Reasonably prices
  • Follows Royal Academy of Dance syllabus
  • Enters the competitions that you are interested in competing in

As well as tuition fees, which vary with the school and the location but are usually in the vicinity of $15 a lesson, your child will need:

  • leotard - Around $15-30
  • tights? Approximately $10
  • ballet shoes - Around $20-30
  • A tutu may make your little girl look and feel like a ballerina but is not always compulsory.

Always check with the teacher before buying clothing; many schools have their own strict dress codes or follow those of the Royal Academy of Dance(RAD). Prices really can vary depending on quality and where you buy. Buying from the school is often convenient but can be more expensive.

Most little girls love pink, dancing and being a little ballerina. Most mums love seeing their daughters doing ballet. So get them dancing, no matter what age they start.

Events not to be missed

If your child has any inclination towards ballet, attendance at a live performance will certainly inspire him or her, though the Australian Ballet recommends that children be at least six years old to attend. Prices vary with the company, the performance, the location, seating, and any concessions available but are similar to those for opera and other live entertainment. Also keep an eye out for occasional free events, such as Telstra Ballet in the Gardens.

For all those reasons, Ballet Dancing is one of the ultimate kids activities!

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