Performing Art School for Kids

Your kids will love learning a new art! Your kids will love learning a new art!

Release your child’s inner superstar!

Performing arts schools teach kids drama, music, singing and dancing.  What a great way for your child to express their creativity and make new friends!

A video of Performing Art School for Kids

Performing art school offer various kids activities: from acting, to singing, through playing an instrument, your kids will definitely find their way to performing an art!

Information on Performing Art School for Kids

Are performing art schools for your kid(s)?

Does your child love to dance around the living room or sing to the radio? Maybe he or she loves acting out favourite stories and puts on plays for friends and visiting family members? If your child loves to perform, classes at a performing art school will probably go down well.

As well as enhancing performance skills, a performing art school can:

  • Give your child an outlet to express themselves creatively
  • Be a great way for kids to meet and interact with other kids and make new friends
  • Learning scripts and memorising songs can help improve kids’ memory
  • Improve kids’ confidence and public speaking skills
  • Help kids who want to make a career out of performing arts find auditions and paid work

Many performing arts academies offer a full curriculum for students who want to immerse themselves in the performing arts. These are often aimed at high school students who are looking to pursue a career in dance, acting or music. Generally, there is an audition process to get in and competition for places is extremely high.
If you’re not sure whether your child is ready for a performing art school, the chances are you’ll find other groups that offer theatre or drama related kids activities. You might even find that your child’s school offers these types of activities for kids.

Get your kids to start at performing art school!

There are plenty of performing arts institutes in most major cities but if you live in a rural area you may need to be prepared to travel. Check out our ActiveActivities Directory to find your local performing arts classes. Many high schools offer programmes for performing arts at school, which can be a good alternative, or your child, might like to go to a summer performing arts camp and hone particular skills intensively over a few weeks.

Does your child have a particular niche of interest?
There are some performing art schools that specialise in a certain discipline, for example ballet. Others offer a broader base of lessons in modern and traditional performing arts. Fees vary according to the school, so it is a good idea to check in advance before making a commitment.

What else?
Well, once you have selected your school, your child will probably need to attend an audition. Make sure they are well prepared and check ahead of time whether they will need to bring anything. Your child will need to be talented and confident to succeed in this industry! However, there are many performing arts schools where auditions are not required. These performing arts schools focus on nurturing your kids interests and talents in a fun environment.

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