4 Reasons why Performing Arts is more than just a hobby

4 Reasons why Performing Arts is more than just a hobby
A lot of parents are quick to pull their children out of their dance, drama or music lessons as tutoring takes preferential ranking.

It's frustrating when something their child enjoys is ranked lower on a parent's priority list when compared to their grades at school. Is it really more important for a painfully shy 8 year old to have top grades than developing confidence?

Their grades at school won't help them stick up for themselves in the playground and coming first in their maths class won't help them sell their skills in a job interview.

But taking part in the performing arts will help and this is why...

Here are four reasons why the performing arts is for every child!

1 - Creativity - Improvisation - Expression

I’m no parent but I do have two nieces whom I adore, and I’ve watched my sister on numerous occasions have to come up with creative responses to her daughters questions. Being able to think creatively is a skill we use everyday and the performing arts have a monumental focus on ‘thinking outside the box’. Children are bursting to the brim of ideas, imagination and new ways to play, the performing arts gives them an outlet to thoroughly explore this faucet.

2 - Teamwork - Collaboration - Empathy
Whether you like it or not, you can't always be the boss and sometimes you will have to go along with a ridiculous marketing plan, proposal or even a partner’s hair brained scheme. Working as team isn’t about whose right and whose wrong, it’s about compromise and understanding other people’s point of view. The arts also teaches you that everyone is important and everyone is needed to put on a show/production/concert etc. After all "there are no small parts, only small actors."

3 - Perseverance - Dedication - Hard Work
After your first day of drama you probably won’t be able to nail that UK accent, or after your first ballet class you won’t be executing triple pirouettes or in music you will most likely fall flat on a few notes. But if you don’t give up the world is your oyster. If you keep on trying and your child is committing to their lessons then they will become unstoppable.

4 - Confidence - Resilience
This is the big one for me. Growing up I was a very confident child, I was a very happy child because of this. And unlike the majority of my friends I was not subjected to bullying. To be able to perform on stage and express yourself takes confidence. To be praised for your achievements, even if it’s simply learning your lines, standing on stage with a smile can raise your child’s self esteem astronomically.

When your child gains confidence they also gain self respect and will be less likely to become victims to schoolyard bullies.

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