Karaoke Parties and Activities for Kids

Karaoke parties are always fun! Karaoke parties are always fun!

Karaoke parties can be a great way for your kids to indulge their pop star fantasies and sing along to their favourite songs.

With backing vocals and lyrics provided, all your child needs is an audience!

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You couldn't imagine how much fun kids could have at a karaoke party!

Information on Karaoke Parties and Activities for Kids in Australia

Will Your Kids Enjoy a Karaoke Party?

If your child loves to sing and perform why not give them the opportunity to strut their stuff with a karaoke party?

Extrovert children who like music will enjoy singing their favourite songs with their friends and family. Shyer kids might find karaoke parties overwhelming so quieter kids' activities might need to be considered. For those who do like to sing, karaoke parties may have much to offer including:

  • Fun - getting up and singing with a group of people is an unusual and fun group activity.
  • Improves musical ability - karaoke can help with kids' singing technique.
  • Fosters an interest in music - kids who are exposed to music and enjoy singing might decide to play an instrument or take up dancing.
  • Increases confidence - standing up in front of a group of people and singing requires conquering stage fright. Once they've mastered this kids may feel more confident engaging in other group activities for kids.
  • Social benefits - singing with other people requires co-operation and teamwork, not to mention taking turns.

Karaoke parties are best for kids aged at least 6. Your child will need to be able to read at a fairly proficient level to be able to follow the lyrics on the tv screen. Parental supervision is advisable when kids are working a karaoke machine, just in case something breaks.

How Do You Arrange a Kids' Karaoke Party?

Do you want to try a karaoke party for your kids? There are a number of different options, including:


  • Hire a karaoke system with microphone and additional speakers. This usually costs in the region of $200 but includes songs, tv screen and someone to show you how to set up and use the equipment.
  • If you have a games console you can get karaoke games and plug in microphones which can be a lot of fun and can be used again and again. You can even record performances to a DVD.
  • Portable kids' karaoke players are available at toy stores or birthday party suppliers usually for around $100 each. These often have a limited range of songs but can be good for very small kids who want to sing to nursery rhymes.

No matter whether you decide to hire a professional karaoke system or just crank up the stereo system and let the kids sing along, you can have plenty of fun and laughter at karaoke parties!