Ballooning For Kids In South Australia

Balloon pilots make sure you take off and land safely. Balloon pilots make sure you take off and land safely.

Want to fly? Go hot air ballooning in South Australia!

Most kids dream of becoming their favourite superheroes. They want to possess superpowers, such as the ability to fly. Kids are also naturally curious and adventurous. Why not bring them to South Australia, ride a hot air balloon, and experience the thrill while having a bird?s eye view of the amazing scenery!

In every state and territory of Australia, there are several hot air rides waiting to release the audacious explorer in everyone. South Australia is one of the places you can visit because of its must-see wildlife, pristine landscape, and rich historical landmarks. Ballooning in South Australia is one of unique and exciting activities for kids that they will definitely enjoy and remember.

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See the beautiful mountain ranges from a bird's eye view! Hot air ballooning in Flinders Ranges is truly a memorable experience.

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Is ballooning in South Australia a good idea your kids?

Hot air balloons were invented in France in 1783. The passengers of this first balloon flight were a sheep, a duck and a rooster. The first manned balloon flight was made in the same year with two men in the balloon. It was launched from the middle of Paris and flew for 20 minutes. This was the first attempt made by man to fly and the birth of hot air ballooning. Everyone can now drift with the breeze and fly! Ballooning in South Australia with your kids will be worthwhile as there are numerous balloon flights packages in different places that you can choose from. Some of the most popular spots for ballooning in South Australia are Adelaide region and Flinders Ranges.

  • Adelaide Region
    Hot air balloon rides in Adelaide operate over Strathalbyn area. You can choose tours to Barossa Valley or the Fleurieu Peninsula.

    Barossa Valley, located northeast of Adelaide, is the renowned wine region of South Australia. It is also one of South Australia's most attractive countrysides. Hot air balloon tours start early in the morning when the winds are cool and stable. Float over picturesque villages, vineyards, and the Barossa Ranges all in about an hour of ballooning. You will also receive a commemorative flight certificate. Most tours include a buffet breakfast after the ride. Barossa balloon flights can cost from $240 to $300.

    Another ballooning destination in Adelaide is the Fleurieu Peninsula, south of Adelaide. Balloon flights start before sunrise and last up to an hour. Float over vineyards, townships, and wide open spaces. Rides can cost around $300.

    Other kids activities in Adelaide include active participation in the inflation of the balloon, as well as the packing away. They can also fish, sail, kayak, or play paintball.
  • Flinders Ranges
    Flinders Ranges is one of South Australia's most ancient and iconic landscapes. The perfect time to hover above the mountain range is during mornings, when the sun highlights its natural beauty, including the unusual land formations. Appreciate the beauty and complex landforms of Wilpena Pound and travel across the Australian outback high up in the air. One hour of Flinders Ranges ballooning flight can cost around $370.

The first thing you need to consider when allowing your kids to go ballooning in South Australia is safety. Make sure that you and your kids know all the ballooning safety precautions. Aside from adult supervision, here are some hot air balloon tips you need to know :

  1. Hot air balloon pilots need a commercial pilot's licence.
  2. Hot air balloons must meet air-traffic control requirements, and pilots should always have radio contact with controllers.
  3. They don't fly in the rain because water tends to boil which can destroy the fabric.
  4. The ideal weather for ballooning is when there is very little wind and cold air - around autumn and early winter.
  5. Hot air balloons can carry from 2 to 10 passengers at a time depending on balloon size.
  6. There are no official safety requirements for passengers, but they should always be with a registered pilot.
  7. Kids under the age of 5 are usually not allowed to ride the hot air balloon.
  8. The recommended outfit when going on balloon flights includes pants, flat shoes, and layers of clothing.

You can browse our ActiveActivities Directory for more tips on ballooning in South Australia and other kids activities in Australia.

If your kids are 5 years old and above, have no fear of heights, and have enthusiasm for adventure, then ballooning in South Australia can be a perfect activity for them! Not only do they get to enjoy a thrilling ride, they also get to see wonderful places from a different perspective. They will also get to go on a journey they will never forget. Let your kids experience the freedom while drifting with the breeze. Take them ballooning in South Australia!

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