Camps for Kids

Make new friends at Summer camps is easy! Make new friends at Summer camps is easy!

Are you wondering what to do with your kids in the school holidays? Kids' camps are a popular solution to the dilemma of how to entertain your children over the summer period.

Camps are a place where children can go either for the day or overnight and enjoy a number of organised kids activities usually based around a particular theme or sport.

There are an almost infinite number of different types of camps available throughout Australia that cater to kids of almost all ages and interests.

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<p> Youth Camps usually run in the summer. </p> <p> Each year it provides young Australians with an experience that would normally be out of reach.</p>

Information on Camps for Kids in Australia

Will Your Kids Enjoy Going to a Camp?

Does your child have a particular hobby or interest they would like to pursue further? Do you need to find care for them while you work during the holidays? Either way, enrolling them in a summer or school holiday camp may keep everyone happy and allow them to have fun, meet new friends and involve themselves in a range of very Australian activities for kids.

The most popular summer camps include:

  • Sport camps (for example, soccer, tennis, surf camps). These are great for improving your child's sporting prowess, fitness and health.
  • Arts or music camps (drama, art, singing, dancing). These can be relaxing for your child and allow them to indulge their creative tendencies.
  • Adventure camps (outdoor activities, survival skills, camping). Great for confidence building and learning on nature.
  • Weight loss camps (for children who struggle with weight issues). Can provide a supportive environment for kids and teach them on nutrition and exercise.
  • Camps run by organizations (such as the Scouts or the YMCA) that offer a broad program of activities to entertain kids and help improve confidence.


    How to Organise a Camp Visit for Your Kids

    The age range of camps varies but they are generally targeted at school aged children. Often they are divided into different groups according to age and some may be aimed more specifically for teens or younger children. There are a number of camps for girls only and others that are targeted at boys or both.

    Summer camps are generally only available during the Australian school holidays and they are closed during term times. Costs vary but generally you can expect to pay between $15-$100 per day depending on location and range of kids activities offered.

    To find a summer camp in your area, check our ActiveActivities directory or ask other parents for recommendations.

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