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Skateboarding is a common hobby for kids.
Skateboarding is a common hobby for kids.

Give your kids something to occupy themselves in their spare time!

Hobbies are anything your child likes to do in their spare time and can be as diverse as arts and crafts, cooking or driving remote control cars. As well as giving kids something to do with their time, hobbies can be educational and a great way to make friends!

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Strengthen and support your child's interests. Make sure that they master the things that they love to do the most. Show them respect and admiration. Your child can build upon and use natural interests to achieve greater success in school.

Information on Hobbies For Kids

Are hobbies for your kid(s)?

Is your child bored and looking for something to do? Why not find them a hobby? With so many kids activities available there is bound to be one that will fascinate and occupy your child. Some suggestions for hobbies include:

  • Collections (stamps, sports cards, coins...)
  • Photography
  • Painting
  • Sports
  • Model trains and/or model cars
  • RC helicopters and/or RC planes

Child friendly hobbies can be as simple as reading and as complicated as building and racing Remote controlled cars. The specific benefits depend on which hobbies your child gets involved in but broadly speaking, getting involved in a hobby can help kids:

  • Develop their creative or logical thinking skills
  • Get to know a topic very well and be able to interact and talk about it with other kids
  • Can be the start of a passion for this activity for the rest of their lives: reading can introduce kiddies to story writing; arts and crafts can lead your kids into theÿ artistic world
  • Build their self-confidence through feelings of accomplishment
  • Make friends and meet new people
  • Learn new skills
  • Get fit (in the case of active hobbies and sports)

Is your child interested in cars and planes? They might enjoy building or collecting models. If they are more interested in creative pursuits such as arts and craft, they might love jewellery making activities for kids. The number of options for hobbies is almost infinite so no matter what your child’s age and level of interest there is definitely going to be a kids activities that your child can become involved in. Kids who enjoy a hobby may be easier to entertain during the school holidays too, and that’s always a bonus!

Get your kids involved in hobbies!

Are you looking for hobbies for your kids but no idea where to start? Thinking of what your child is interested in is probably your best bet. Once you have an idea of something they might enjoy, check out our ActiveActivities Directory for suggestions? There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in hobbies at home, or just about any location in Australia so no matter where you are you should be able to find something of interest that your child can get involved in.

Many kids hobbies lead to lifelong passions and even careers so why not get them started now? Who knows where your kids hobbies might lead!

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