Water Play Parks for Kids

Get your kids ion waterslides!
Get your kids ion waterslides!

Are you looking for a way to keep your kids cool during the sweltering Australian summer?

A water play park could be the answer. A water play park offers a number of attractions, games and rides all based around water including fountains, slides and pools.

They range in size from a couple of water slides beside your local swimming pool to huge theme park style complexes and are one of the most popular Aussie kids' activities during the summer months.

A video of Water Play Parks for Kids

<p> Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is the name of a chain of water parks that are part of the Six Flags amusement park chain. </p><p> Although the parks are not identical, common features include a variety of body slides, speed slides, tube slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, and shopping areas.<p>

Information on Water Play Parks for Kids in Australia

Will Your Kids Enjoy a Water Play Park?

If you want to get your children burning off their excess energy in a fun and safe environment, taking them to a fun park or water play park can offer a chance for the whole family to have a great time, get some exercise and stay cool when the temperatures soar. Water theme parks may have a number of benefits for kids including:

  • Exercise - a chance to swim and run around
  • Improved swimming ability - a way to practice their skills in a fun environment
  • Social interaction - the opportunity to meet and interact with other children
  • Confidence - an opportunity to face any fears of water
  • Fun - great entertainment for the whole family

Most kids enjoy a visit to a water play park, but they are probably more suited to confident active children who like the water. A typical water park will usually include the following kids activities:

  • Water slides (ages vary depending on speed and size of slide)
  • Fountains (all ages although very young children may dislike water on their faces)
  • Wave machines (very young kids can splash around at the edge)
  • Rapids (your kids will probably need some level of swimming ability to cope with these)
  • Baby pools (for very young children and babies to splash around in)
  • Lap pools (for older or more serious swimmers)

Other features of a water play park might include park rides, a café, changing rooms and lockers for storing valuables.

Water parks usually have lifeguards on duty but it's important to supervise young children or those who aren't confident swimmers.

How to Organise a Water Play Park Trip with Your Kids

Most water parks are open all year round but summer and school holidays are usually the busiest times. The Gold Coast in Queensland has the highest number of these parks but they can be found all over Australia.

Admission fees vary from $5- $80 depending on the size of the water play park. Discounts are often available online.

Don't forget hats, plenty of sunscreen and a change of clothes!

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