Water Fun Park for Kids

Water fun parks are a great place for kids!
Water fun parks are a great place for kids!

Keep cool during summer at a water fun park!

Water fun parks are theme parks based around water-themed kids’ activities and rides. Especially popular during the summer, these facilities can provide a fun day out for all the family!

A video of Water Fun Park for Kids

This is what a great water fun park looks like! Water everywhere, slides all over the place, and loads of fun!

Information on Water Fun Park for Kids

Are water fun parks for your kid(s)?

Do your kids love playing in the water? If you are looking for a way for them to burn off their excess energy, have fun and stay cool at the same time, why not try a water fun park? They are suitable for all ages and usually offer a series of different water based kids activities including slides, rides, wave machines, rapids and fountains.

As well as being lots of fun, taking your kids to a water fun park can:

  • Give them a chance to get some exercise and fresh air
  • Improve water confidence and swimming ability
  • Be a good chance for parents to spend quality time with their kids
  • Indoor water fun parks can be a great way to avoid sun damage while having fun in the water
  • Be a great way to cool down on a hot day

Is your child a confident swimmer? Even if not, he or she might still like to splash around in the shallows and try out the water slides. Even babies can find plenty of amusement in kiddie’s pools and jets.

Aqua fun parks are different from aquatic centres in that, rather than focusing on a lap pool and water sports, they are geared towards water-based rides for children and having fun. If the water fun park you go to is outdoors, make sure you take plenty of sunscreen and a rash vest for your kids. An adult should always supervise kids while they are in the water.

Get your kids to a water fun park at the next School Holidays!

Looking for something to do during the school holidays? Check our ActiveActivities Directory to find your closest water fun park. They come in all shapes and sizes, from the well-known Wet-n-Wild theme park on the Gold Coast, to smaller local recreation parks. Costs vary from $60 a day for the larger parks to $10 for smaller local facilities.

Some outdoor aqua fun parks may only be open during the summer, so it is a good idea to check first if you are planning on a winter excursion. If your local aqua park is closed, you can always try a more traditional theme park or your local indoor pool for a fun day out for the kids.

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