Adventure Play Park for Kids

A kids adventure playground A kids adventure playground

An adventure play park is essentially a playground but on a much larger scale. It can be found throughout Australia at different locations including schools, parks and play centres. Most Australian cities are home to indoor and outdoor varieties of the adventure play park.

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Adventure play parks can be of various types. This is a large park offering many various playing installations, for kids to have a lot of fun!

Information on Adventure Play Parks for Kids in Australia

Is This Adventure Play Park for Your Kids and Family?

The adventure play park is a great way to get your kids physically active in a fun environment and is therefore one of the ultimate kids activities.

Playing with other kids may bring many benefits to your child:

  • social interaction,
  • communication,
  • build their imaginations,
  • physical activity,
  • improve coordination,
  • gain confidence

Children aged five and up can easily navigate the adventure play park.  

Most parks have:

  • towers, 
  • climbing ropes,
  • foot bridges,
  • slides,
  • swings and lots more fun equipment.  

Toddlers and babies can play in some areas of the playground however some of the equipment may be too big for them.  It's best to keep the younger children under closer supervision in play areas like the sandpit and other ground level equipment.  Do a quick check of the adventure play park beforehand and keep kids clear of broken glass, faulty or rusty equipment.

The indoor adventure play park provides a great alternative to the outdoor playground.  This type of playground is usually found in large warehouses.  The equipment in the indoor adventure play park is more varied than the outdoor playgrounds.   Socks must be worn whilst playing on the equipment.  

Here children can play on:

  • bouncy castles,
  • rope bridges
  • ladders,
  • maze climbs and
  • mega slides,
  • and many various types of apparatus

There are usually fenced off areas for toddlers and babies, with smaller play equipment cushioned in case of any falls.  Any good indoor adventure play park will provide activities including games for kids and birthday parties at an extra cost.  The adventure play park usually has a chill out area for the parents as well.

How to Organise a Trip to an Adventure Play Park with Your Kids!

The best time to visit an outdoor adventure play park is when the weather is fine.  Rain may cause the play equipment to become slippery and dangerous.  Playing in extreme heat is also not advised, but if you do, do not forget to bring a lot of water, some sunscreen and a hat.

An indoor adventure play park is great all year around as many have air conditioning.  Most charge an entry fee for unlimited play.  Admission prices differ depending on the age of the child.   

To find a good adventure play park near you check out our ActiveActivities directory.

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