The benefits of learning

The benefits of learning
The benefits of learning to express yourself confidently in public and otherwise at the youngest possible age can be very beneficial .It helps across all areas of our lives as we get older.

 It can be a great self-esteem booster, help us to influence and persuade others more effectively, think critically and creatively, make new social connections, significantly enhance our personal relationships, be more comfortable with people, and stand up to bullies. Public speaking, debating and creative writing can help us to inspire people and even change the world. The world really does open up to us once we  urge our point across and speak with impact. Regardless of age, position or experience most people really don’t like express themselves in public or otherwise, even if it’s to ask a burning question. Interestingly though, once the person is not in a public setup anymore they feel more confident to float around their questions which is definitely not something you should strive to do. It’s not a replacement phenomenon, in fact, it hasn’t changed in many years and is unlikely to vary much within the future. Unless and until we add public speaking, debating and creative writing to our kids curriculum, I’m pretty confident that the majority people reading this will recall their own school days when sitting within the classroom the teacher asked an issue and very few of us put our hands up to answer it.

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