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All Areas Family Day Care
We have qualified and experienced Educators all over the Sydney Metropolitan area who offer childcare in a loving, save, nurturing and educational environment. All Areas Family Day Care believe that children are unique and deserve to have the highest quality care. We also believe that all families should have access to high quality home based care services that are respectful and responsive to each child's and families individual needs. we are an approved service, therefore parents may be eligible ...
Little Graces Childcare Centre
Little Graces Childcare Centre is a family owned and operated centre focusing on partnerships with families. We believe that children thrive in an environment that celebrates their individuality and provides them with opportunities to explore, develop and challenge what they already know and are yet to learn. Little Graces Childcare centre is purpose build to highlight the natural environment. We have our own hobby farm with resident animals and of course fresh fruit, veggies and herbs- Perfect ...
Plumpton Academy of Music
We are the Plumpton Academy of Music! We specialize teaching piano in our Plumpton studio, or we can travel to you! We have a team of highly qualified teachers ready to teach you anything you like, from Beiber to Beethoven! Call or e-mail today to schedule your first FREE trial lesson! Fees In our studio Lessons 30 mins - $35 45 mins - $50 60 mins - $70 We travel to you Lessons 30 mins - $40 45 mins - $60 60 mins - $80
very disappointed


I wish to report my extreme displeasure at the good start early centre at woodcroft. I was lead to believe that my child suffers from poor development skills, to the extent that the carers and director of the centre advised us that we need to seek medical advice from a pediatrician and speech pathologist and so on. They have informed us that they did their assessment on him and they have highlighted basically a lot of concerns for a child his age. the majority of the things they highlighted were a shock to us because we believed that our son is capable of doing all these things. We stressed about it a lot, and finally we took our son to see a Pediatrician who had made her own assessment on our son and she believes that there is absolutely no concern whatsoever and she also indicated that there are serious problems with these carers who suggested that our son had all these problems. it just made us believe that they were obviously not doing their job right, and not paying any attention to our son at all. they hardly knew him at all. I wish to say that we no longer take our son there and infact he has joined another childcare and they did their own assessment and again confirmed to us that there are no development concerns at all and he where he needs to be for his age. I have several friends who take their kids to the woodcroft centre and to be honest i will be telling them about this and advising them to take thri kids somewhere else.

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