Before & After School care for kids

A child doing homework after school A child doing homework after school

Working parents might have not much time to watch their toddlers all the time. When home care is not enough, there is before and after school care for kids. With this program, you can have a peace of mind about the wellbeing of your children!

Information on Before and after school care for kids

Do your kids need before and after school care?

Before and after school care for kids, also called out of school hours or OOSH in Australia, are programs offered by schools for preschool and primary school aged kids (5 to 12 years old). They provide supervision, recreational and educational facilities, and care for toddlers before and after school hours, normally beginning at seven in the morning and ends at six in the evening. Most before and after school care programs are community-based; but there are also private organisations operated by parents.

Before and after school care for kids fosters children?s physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development in a safe setting. It also gives them an opportunity to be involved with social and educational kids activities while being in a safe and friendly environment. Kids are also supervised and tutored while doing their homework. Before and after school care for kids aims to promote healthy child development by letting them participate in physical and creative activities. They also aim to help in developing the kids? life skills by engaging them within the community, made possible by affiliating with community organisations and clubs such as the YMCA.

Other than homework supervision and tutorials, kids engage in other enriching structured and unstructured activities including hobby-based projects conducted by well-trained teachers. To meet their everyday needs, the children are also provided daily routine care and balanced nutritious meals. Before and after school care programs meet the highest quality of child care standards.

Benefits of before and after school care to kids:

  • Better grades
  • Better social skills
  • Develop cooperation and problem solving skills
  • Improvement in educational, nutritional, recreational, and developmental needs

Benefits of before and after school care to parents:

  • Support to working parents
  • Supervision of your children and keep them away from bad influences

There are also other kinds of before and after school care for kids other than sending them to child care centres. You can also choose to hire a babysitter or a private tutor if you prefer that your kids stay at home.

For working parents, finding a good early learning and care for their kids is essential. OOSH services may cost around $15 to $18 per day, excluding additional fees like annual membership fees and excursion fees. Our ActiveActivities Directory provides a comprehensive list of available before and after school care for kids around Australia as well as fun activities for kids that they can enjoy anytime. There are also vacation care centres around Australia where you can send your toddlers during the school holidays.


Even when not in school, kids still need to be engaged in a comfortable and stimulating environment. Get them to receive balanced learning and fun with before and after school care!


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