Ceramics for kids in Melbourne

A person working on a pottery wheel A person working on a pottery wheel

Ceramic objects are incredibly tough and weather resistant, so if you kids make something from this material it's likely to stand the test of time! Apart from its robustness, ceramics can be painted in any colour with many different types of paints, making it a great creative kids activity for your little ones to indulge in.

  • Category: Arts and crafts
  • Approximate age to start : 5 years old and up to make an object to keep, younger kids can still play with the materials
  • Approximate price: as little as $6 per 500g
  • Best period of the year: Warmer months so kids can do messy work outside, and finished objects can dry in the sun
  • Most appropriate region: Everywhere
  • School holiday programs available: Yes, as part of art programs

A video of Ceramics for kids in Melbourne

A great video on how to get started using a pottery wheel

Information on ceramics in Melbourne

Are ceramics classes in Melbourne right for your kids?

Activities for kids that encourage creative expression are positive in all kids' lives, but which exact one is right for your child? If they enjoy something hands-on, ceramics might appeal to them.

Melbourne is of course well known as one of Australia's top locations for the arts industries, so it's a great place to get into this kid's activity. Pottery cafes in Melbourne have lots of ideas for beautiful objects anyone can make using clay and pottery techniques.

Kneading and manipulating chunks of clay is both fun and engaging, allowing toddlers and children right through to high school age to express themselves using their sense of touch. Lots of non-toxic materials are available to ensure the health and safety of your children.

Participating in this and many other arts and crafts activities for kids in the Melbourne region are well known for providing the following benefits:

  • Improved self - worth and therefore self esteem
  • Therapeutic outlet for stress
  • Improved concentration
  • Time out for individuality and calm activity can promote overall better physical and mental health

Even the most practical young minds can be encouraged to make something out of clay - they can create pots, vases and plenty of other functional objects, rather than 2D pictures that can only be hung on walls!

What will my kids need to get started on ceramics?

The main ingredient for ceramic making is clay (available at any art store that has ceramics and pottery supplies), but there are a few other things you should prepare, including:

  • A designated area for your kids to do their ceramics, where it's ok to make mess
  • Plenty of soap and towels, for washing clay off things and wiping up water that has been used for moulding
  • Safe utensils for cutting clay into pieces (a butter knife is usually fine)
  • Cookie cutters for making shapes (Available from craft stores in Melbourne)
  • A covered area outside for the finished sculptures/objects to sit and dry where they won't be damaged by rain or other weather
  • Coloured paints and other materials for decorating

This is if your kids will be making their ceramics at home. If you choose to go with formal ceramics classes for kids in Melbourne, most things will be supplied. Art schools for kids will also often have a kiln for firing ceramics, which means the artworks are dry and ready to take home within a few hours instead of having to dry in the sun for weeks.

Get your kids into ceramics in today!

Ceramics is a great kids activity to let your children try. It's inexpensive, fun, practical, and a great creative outlet. It might be something they enjoy just once, or it could inspire them to become an artist or builder one day when they grow up.

Check the ActiveActivities directory today for a full listing of art centres in Melbourne, and all over Australia which offer ceramics lessons!