The Most Popular businesses in Yarraville announced for 2020

by The ActiveActivities Team on 20-07-2021 Kids Health & Fitness
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The Most Popular businesses in Yarraville announced for 2020

It’s official!

These are your Most Popular Kids Activities in Yarraville for 2020.

Keep an eye out for the Top 25 Most Popular badge on listings in your local area. The businesses that display this badge on their listing have received a Top 25 Most Popular award.

Here are the Top 24 Most Popular businesses that offer Kids Activities in Yarraville:


  1. Davies Music School
  2. Artz Collective
  3. Williamstown Bayside Tennis
  4. Tumbles Playhouse
  5. Connected Voice
  6. Gypsy Janine Face Painting
  7. Classical Temple
  8. Fusion Martial Arts & Fitness
  9. Kids Party Bags
  10. Buck Sing Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu
  11. GKR Karate Yarraville
  12. Schamozzle
  13. Yarraville Girl Guides
  14. The Flying Bookworm Theatre Company
  15. Love To Dance School of Ballet
  16. Leaps N Beats Dance
  17. Steps Performing Arts
  18. Teamkids - Wembley Primary
  19. McDonald School of Music
  20. Leaders Sports
  21. Cameron Stark
  22. Paul Holleman Music
  23. Jaclyn Lanera - Music Teacher
  24. Marya Bautista - Violin Teacher


We return each year with a new ranking of businesses that have received a Most Popular award! It changes every year, so to keep a finger on the pulse for the best businesses in your area, stay tuned for the current Top 25 Most Popular rankings.

For more information on these Awards and how we calculate these rankings, please read our Top 25 FAQ’s.