Community special offers for Kids

  • Location: Coopers PlainsQLD 4108
  • Validity: from 15 Jun 2020 to 10 Jul 2020

$15 - 2 Hour Skate Park session. The Village Indoor Skate Park is reopening under Stage 2 relaxations. Entries are strictly limited to 20 per session. All sessions are mixed & open to all skills levels. Bookings are essential:

  • Location: CornubiaQLD 4130
  • Validity: from 03 Feb 2020 to 19 Dec 2020

Do you want to buy a gift for that special persons birthday? Then purchase one of our gift vouchers and give them a gift that is out of this world. 2 week unlimited trial pass.

  • Location: CornubiaQLD 4130
  • Validity: from 03 Feb 2020 to 19 Dec 2020

Once you've had your 1st FREE lesson and have enjoyed yourself so much you want to keep going. We make it affordable by giving you your 1st uniform free once you've signed up. Other organisations might charge you an over the top sign up/membership fee then charge you the same again for a uniform. They may also charge you a yearly membership fee as well. Me don't we have a once off LOW sign up/membership fee, Free uniform once signed up, 1 LOW monthly fee which allows you to train at both our dojang's. No grading fees until 1st Dan Black Belt (17+).

  • Location: CornubiaQLD 4130
  • Validity: from 03 Feb 2020 to 19 Dec 2020

If only you could try everything before you buy, We are confident that you will enjoy your free lesson. Contact us to receive your 1st lesson free

  • Location: Windsor GardensSA 5087
  • Validity: from 17 Jan 2020 to 31 Aug 2025

Please give us a call to book your child's FREE trial session*. *may not be available if class is full for the term. Session is free if you do not sign up. If enrolling, trial session is incorporated into term fee.

  • Location: OakleighVIC 3166
  • Validity: from 10 Feb 2020 to 31 Dec 2020

Services that may be included in your program Autism Support Strategies Sensory services, positive behavior support, communication, using technology, eating and drinking safely, social development Mental Health Support Alleviating mental or emotional illness, symptoms, conditions or disorders, including depression, anxiety, self-harm, domestic violence, anger, thoughts of suicide, stress, substance abuse and addictions Individual Coaching Identifying and overcoming emotional issues, or improving personal processes on a one to one basis Couple Coaching Identifying and overcoming challenges couples face, including goals as a couple, clarity about the relationship, underlying cause of fighting, violence/aggression, misunderstandings, and more… Family Coaching Navigate difficult situations and changes in family life that families struggle to handle themselves. This includes relationship issues between parents and children or managing work/life balance for a more rewarding family and home life Parental Skills Teaching parents the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child Speech Development Speaking clearly, voice tone, comprehending the names of objects, understanding verbs, understanding concepts, and simple questions Social Skills/Etiquette Get along with others, make friends, develop healthy relationships, protect themselves, and in general, be able to interact with the society harmoniously using. ‘Good’ manners. Life Skills Communication, interpersonal skills, decision making, problem-solving, self-awareness, empathy, assertiveness, confidence, learning… Home visits included! ONLINE LEARNING AVAILABLE!

  • Location: HamptonVIC 3188
  • Validity: from 18 Jan 2020 to 18 Jan 2021

The 3 x trial class is the perfect introduction to the babyballet® program, giving you and your child the chance to try out our ballet (and tap) classes before signing up to a full term. Each child is unique and they all learn in a different way! Some children learn by observation and like to watch and take it all in before they are ready to give it a go, whereas others will dive in headfirst! Giving the option to try 3 x classes (for the price of 1 class) is a great way to get the children familiar with the structure of the class giving you a really solid indication if it is the right class for them! The babyballet® trial can start at anytime during a term, where spaces are available. To find the babyballet® dance class most suitable to you, please take a look at our class timetable now and fill out the enrolment form to secure your place in the class. Please note, payment for the trial class package must be made before the first class. You will be issued an invoice for $15 upon enrolment. Following the trial, fees are $15 per class ($5 for the tap class) and are charged on a term basis. This can be set up to pay using our secure online payment system.

  • Location: MosmanNSW 2088
  • Validity: from 08 Feb 2020 to 19 Sep 2020

Trying to decide if Physie is the “right fit”? Come along for an obligation free trial. Just arrive a few minutes before the start of our regular lesson times to enjoy a free trial. We’d love to answer any questions you may have!