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Business Address: Unit 3, 45 Amsterdam Circuit, Wadalba Wadalba NSW 2259


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Parental supervision Required

Kids age groups 4-6 years old, 7-9 years old, 10-12 years old, 13-15 years old, 15-18 years old

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    Very effective
    I've done a few martial arts before (taekwondo, karate and jiu jitsu) and Hapkido is probably my favorite because of kinetic. Instructors are super friendly and helpful, the community is awesome and the actual things we learn is also very good. You learn some things in the lower belts as a foundation for what you'll learn later on so if something seems ridiculous, it will make sense after a year. The moves are mostly very effective for real combat but like someone else said, half of them won't be allowed in MMA/UFC or in most controlled competitive settings as they could be deemed too dangerous or unfair. Some strikes are similar to muay thai, the kicks seem to be more effective and make for sense than taekwondo ones and the punches are, well punches. Basically normal boxing strikes with some chambering learnt. You will learn hand positioning and to have a good guard stance. Grappling learnt is from Jiu Jitsu and you do only learn a small percentage since you need to learn everything else but you learn enough to be able to ground fight someone and win with ease. The falling is useful but I personally find it super fun. I wish there was more sparring (we roll a lot as in grappling but not stand up sparring) since that's a good way to learn but we only do it once every 4 weeks or so. Overall super cool community and great martial arts teachings. Definitely recommend a lot.
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    4 1 1 5 Report Review
    Best Dojang Ever
    I am quite an experienced fighter. Did boxing for 2 years, did Muay Thai for about a year and a half and then tried Hapkido. I tried out at 1 or 2 Dojangs in Australia but none of them seemed anything amazing or game changing, BUT then theres Kinetic. Master Trent is a 5th dan black belt with a 2nd dan in taekwondo and purple belt in BJJ. Let me say that he is a great martial artist and instructor but all of the instructors are amazing and super friendly, encouraging and helpful. The moves they teach are insanely effective for real fights and make my boxing and muay thay experience seem like a joke wven though muay thai was still very good and boxing was very fun. Hapkido is a legendary art. I quite enjoy the falling (Catroll, backroll, sideroll, catroll into sidefall, catroll into backroll ect) and definetly works on hard surfaces most of the time. The hand strikes (punches, elbows, axes ect) are insanely hard hitting and deadly. One good shot would kill a fully grown man super easily. The kicks are amazing and powerful while being practical. Throws are unbelievably effective, joint locks are immensely painful and bone crushing and the overall fighting is 11/10, 100% PERFECT for real fights/self defense but maybe not as good for competition in a ring with protection, a crowd and a ref siince half of this is too deadly to be allowed. The instructors seem to focus a lot on fitness, strength and flexibility and I can already see myself doing a ridiculous amount of diamond/clap push ups with arm strength, leg strength, core strength ect improving by a lot. Flexibility has sky rocketed and fitness became way better. Very overpowered in a fight haha I'd feel bad for whoever broke into my house. Also the community is amazing and they have a very chill payment plan and don't seem to be money hungry at all which is nice but I've personally chosen to buy merch and stuff. Very good organisation, absolutely amazing Hapkido. Definitely recommend going in for a free trial.

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