The Danger of Flotation Aids

The Danger of Flotation Aids
If you have a pool at home, or spend a lot of time around water, please do not rely on arm bands, vests or other flotation aids to keep your child safe! The only way a child is safe in water, is if they have the skills to save themselves. Jackson was a little boy who loved to swim in his puddle jumper but drowned when he wasn't supposed to be swimming. His mom now advocates for survival swim lessons and warns parents not to use aids that promote false security.

You can read the story at Parents Preventing ChildHold drowing


As the article points out, traditional Parent & Child swimming classes & lessons can also give children a love for swimming without children realising that water has consequences. Whilst parents think they are doing the right thing enrolling their babies and toddlers into swimming classes &  lessons, please be aware that it can take a few years of continuous terms before children are safe in those programs. In the meantime, be careful not to teach them that it is okay to jump into water if they don't have someone to catch them, can't turn themselves back to a wall, or cannot swim themselves to safety. And above all, don't let them think they are able to swim just because they can be independent in water with a flotation aid!

Water is a lot of fun. It can also have tragic consequences.

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